Zeitgeist - The Gears of Revolution

Mission report: The journey to Danor.
Memoirs of a Fog-Whale


Mission report: Your mission.
Should you choose to accept it.


Constable's Notebook - Nilasa Hume Investigation Entry V
Where did Entries 3 and 4 go?

[The entry is in a shaky Primordial script]

I feel like part of my mind is missing… as are some of the pages in this notebook. I’ll try to find them later, I have too much to try and get down on paper, lest I forget.

We were right, at least partially – they came for Nevard, and they came in force. We were able to stave them off for a bit, but the automatons came in force and pierced our defense, I tried to reach him… and with his dying breath, he touched my face… and I… saw… things…

[The script changes abruptly to a flowing Elven once more, though the notebook is riddled with dark stains…]

Liquor – it calms the nerves and steadies the hand. It also lets us hide our emotions behind a barricade that is seemingly impenetrable. Still, I find myself more eager to write and less apt to pass out with a warm slug in my gullet. This is what I was shown, in as much detail as I am able to muster.

Nevard spoke to me, with more energy and vigor in his face than I had seen in life. He spoke with a clear voice, ringing like a clarion bell in the darkness. “I’ve flown across this city, trying to find sources. In some place the stink of it bleeds through naturally, especially on Cauldron Hill, but I’ve followed trails. The night after Nilasa was murdered, I found a strong source at the consulate, and I tracked it across three districts before I lost it. And too often I’ve found it clinging to factories, or in the foyers of rich businessmen.”

He pauses for a moment, "There is a conspiracy afoot. The Danorans are involved, and industrialists in this city, and some third force in the Bleak Gate. They’ve already killed to protect their secrets. We need to find out what their goal is.”

“I saw a dark figure,” he continued," standing atop Cauldron Hill, towering over our city. The sun set, and he cast a shadow across Parity Lake, stretching northwest, into the sea, beyond the horizon. He is born in our city, but his ultimate goal is elsewhere. And also things moved in his shadow—indeed, his shadow moved before he did, for while he was mighty, he was controlled by others. I saw smoke hiding his face, for he was made mighty by industry. In my vision, a king chased him out to sea and defeated him by slicing him free from his shadow. But the cauldron had already shattered, and many thousands were drowned and devoured in its roil."

I saw three birds alight on the peak, the first of black silk, the second of black steel, both weeping blood. But the third was made of stars, and it sang many songs. I tell you this: Cauldron Hill is not safe. Twice will danger arise, and twice will we be deceived into thinking it is safe to return, but we must avoid the place and avoid being tricked. I have arranged shelter in the Cloudwood, where people can be safe until the darkness passes.”

Nevard closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before continuing. He spoke slower, the youth and vitality steadily draining from his face as he spoke. "I saw several other visions, yet they are a mystery to me – and I am afraid to share them with the public without a better understanding of them. I will tell you, so that you may have this knowledge when I am gone.

The first was of a woman sat on a leather couch in a waiting room, surrounded by red curtains. She held a gold coin and rolled it across the back of her fingers. A pick lay against the side of the couch. He asked her what she was waiting for, and she answered in a language he didn’t know, saying, ‘The place I’m going isn’t here yet.’

A trumpeter carried a lantern onto the stage of a darkened theater, and the people gathered for his performance applauded, then lit lanterns of their own. The theater never got bright enough for him to see their faces.

One man tore himself in two, and his twin selves fought over a woman, tearing her into three, who ran away. Mice skittered around them, collecting cheese fallen amid the rails of a trainyard. Then a train roared down the track past him, but it had no one driving it. In the distance it derailed, and crushed two of the women, but which of the three survived?

A man carrying a bronze staff with three keyholes is assailed by swords and arrows and fire, but nothing kills him. He began to take off his robes, revealing tiger fur beneath them, while stars fell from the sky all around him. Then the sky was dark, and when the sun should have risen, instead a pale glowing cloud floated in the dark.

Finally, tyrant and murderer languished in prison, hanging from twelve chains and hooks that pierced her feet, her legs, her thighs, her shoulders, her arms, and her hands. But the thirteenth hook that sealed her mouth swung loose, and it fluttered in the breeze as she whispered a map that led everywhere."

With his final breath, he releases his grasp on my face, his fingers skeletal and gaunt. As he fades into the darkness, I can hear him rasp, “You can save them…” before everything goes dark.

I awoke only a short time ago, though some time had passed, my wounds bandaged and my team back at headquarters, most no worse for wear. We have to put Nevards body to rest… though I have a feeling I will see him or his spirit again…

Constable's Notebook: Nilasa Hume Investigation - Entry II
Status: In Progress

[The entry is written in a flowing elven script] Today has run the gamut of frustration to sadness. Even the attempts by some of my comrades to lighten the mood with quips and puns have done little to sway my feelings thus far. After the infuriating ass, Renard, lead us to our redezvous with Nevard, he left our presence, which lightened the storm that raged around my heart.

However, the mood darkened when we were introduced to Nevard, as his nephew was correct, the elderly man does not have much time left in this world. Our conversation was lead by Hunter, who let peek a hint of calm brillance and compassion during the interaction. He reminds me a bit of a wild animal we happened upon once on the Yerasol during my years in training on the island there. I believe it was called a ‘honeyed badger’ by the locals. The name was decieving as the animal was viscious and destructive when cornered or its anger aroused. In moments of solitude and solace, the animal was calm and well mannered – as if it were two seperate creatures inhabiting the same body. Much can be said about Hunter as well. Perhaps his simple nature is just a shield against socialization in close quarters. Only time will tell…

I digress…

Nevard agreed to set up a meeting with Gale, provided we honor a request of his own, one that he needed secured immediately, as the ’seer realized his own time was almost out. He asked our unit to take him to the summit of Cauldron Hill and protect him while he conducts a ritual meant to pierce the veil hiding information from the ’seers and their kin. He stated that this would enable a common ground between Traditionalists and Progressives – which is sorely needed at this point. We agreed to his proposal, though in order to visit the summit, we would need to garner the blessing of Mayor MacBannin, who presides over the district.

We were able to make a quick jaunt over to the Nettles, and to the Mayors manor house, where the butler was able to arrange a quick, informal meeting between our unit and the mayor. While we were waiting to be introduced, we had a run in with one of the local couriers, though he seemed to be discernably… different from most couriers. He would not give his name – he would only wax poetic about the chaos and strife in Flint. It was an oddity indeed. Someone in the group made a grousing remark about the man being in league with our phantom officer, but it was not expanded upon, and our meeting had come to fruition.

Mayor MacBannin was surprisingly warm and cordial to our request to mount an expedition to the summit of Cauldron Hill. He provided some explicit instructions as well as some necessary equipment for making the trek unscathed. I have detailed the process below. I cant help but think that there is some nebulous connection with the fey assault that we dealt with before involving the Duchess and this business with the Danorian consulate. The air is thick with tension, as we saw during our visit to the factories and if it continues to build, I doubt there is much that can keep Flint itself from cracking under the pressure. King Aodhan’s grip on Risur seems tenuous, and with his assumed marriage to the Danorian diplomat I cant imagine that this will ease tensions.

Enough mindless meanderings for now, I have to finish my formal report and catch a bit of sleep so we can hike tomorrow… how joyful.

  • Make a visit to Mayor MacBannin to gain entry.
  • Must wear rusted iron amulets to prevent possession
  • Must use goats blood (provided by MacBannin) to paint a circle around campsite to prevent spirits from possessing
  • Must light fire to ward off supernatural chill, but surround fire with stone ring to prevent spirits being drawn to the light
  • Out of sight is better than sitting still, and spirits like movement better than blood.
  • Must meet with MacBannin on the way out to rid self of residual dark energies.

[Written in the margin in a quite broader common script] Four pints, five pints, six pints a plenty…. A saw a fine lass, was as bright as a penny… [There is pressure from where the next line would start, but there is no more writing]

Constable's Notebook: Magdaline Whetfield
Nilasa Hume Investigation

Status: In process

[the journal is written in a flowing elven script] Another miss in a sea of broken leads on this case, we have few answers and only come up with more questions in the process. This case has lead us throughout the district now, and we have naught but blistered heels to show for it.

Previously, we stopped off at the local police office in order to pick up a few details on the officer that was shadowing our own investigation. Oddly enough, the patrolman was not known by anyone we spoke to, nor on the records and rolls. Its likely that someone is impersonating an officer, but that much is heresay at the moment. Also related to that, the ‘shadow oil’ found at the Doctor VR’s flophouse needs to be analyzed to give a notion of what we are dealing with.

Moving on, we left the local surgeon’s office after a few questions into Dr VRs whereabouts with no leads, and determined that the next logical step was to visit Ms. Hume’s local residence and employer – a factory producing Alkhest for metallurgy. It is worth note that the factory itself was the lone pariah in the midst of a near revolution in that district, forged of a merciless ownership and a helpless working caste. While there is nothing that can be done for the moment, I wonder if perhaps I can make some points to some of the locals and see if we can shift the plight of the workers in our favor without resorting to all out violence or rioting.

The owner was gracious enough to speak with us concerning Ms. Hume and his relationship with her. It was not quite inappropriate, but nearer to an adoptive family, with Nilasa taking on the role of the unproven youth. It seems that the owner came from a family rooted in traditional Risurian values that regretted the perpetuation of the technology and the wealth of civilization that comes with it. However, he eventually saw the neutral ground in all things, and has taken on a business that allows him to participate while at the same time limiting the function of technology through the exclusivity of necessary goods.

He also stated that his uncle, a skyseer out of Cloudwood, had a cryptic vision of Nilasa’s death – and he suggested that he would have more insight into what Nilasa was doing, and might even perhaps set up a meeting between ourselves and the infamous ‘Gale’ who we have been interest in for a time now. Taking the chance, we agreed to leave immediately.
A hunch from the precocious Hunter also drew out another tale from the owner, one of a strange merchant looking to purchase a large amount of alkhest under the guise of using them for ‘nefarious purposes’. The owner refused to sell the goods, resulting in several threats to his business and body. He remained stalwart however, and noted that the men had a ‘greasy, burnt oil’ smell about them. Unfortunately he was unable to provide more crisp detail, but it does beg the question – are these men and the fake officer related?

Upon thanking the owner and leaving, our contingent arrived in the Cloudwood at the trading outpost near the skyseers home, when the sound of gunfire and the screams of terrified horses drew our attention. A carriage with several men outfitted with pistols was sliding towards a gorge and a group of men were firing arrows down on it, all while screaming about the kidnapping of a woman called ‘Morena’. Our duties to see to the peace of the nation, the contingent rushed into the thick of the fight, calling for a cease and desist, while Hunter and Laedir halted the carriage from going over the edge. The rest of the group sought the enemies in the trees and ridges, attempting to keep stray fire from tearing through our bodies until we had everything straightened out. We managed to detain several of the assailants though the leader of the band (who was subsequently the significant other of the kidnaped Morena) gutted the last assailant before he was able to be questioned. [the writing become quite darker and heavier in stroke] Which is ridiculous! I cant believe that he thinks we would be ok with the wanton murder of someone right in our midst. That the others said nothing is even more infuriating! I must learn to control my temper in the midst of such things, but it is pure, wanton idiocy at its best. Are all forest folk this… dense?

[the script returns to its flowing nature] A meeting with the skyseer is now assured and the thought that we might be introduced to Gale is promising, though I cant help but think of this as a setup. Things have been going too easily in respect to recent events, and I can feel this itch in the small of my back when thinking about this.

Chapter three: The sabotage of the coaltongue

Last time on Zeitgeist, the RHC constables finally boarded the coaltongue, after meeting with the nobles, including the Duchess Ethelyn of Shale. Whom the party arranged a room for on the coaltongue. After a tour of the ship, the agents were asked by Delft to check on the duchess, but when they arrived they heard a splash, and saw the duchess in the water, and were attacked by an assassin, and the duchess’s handmaiden, Sokana.
GM: So, on with the combat
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5]
GM: If you climb the ladder you’ll be on the bottom one
Magdaline darts down the ladder while building up a static charge and unleashing it at the eladrin warlock.
Magdaline switches her target at the last second…
Attack 9 → [at Fire Sprites 5] [MISS]
Attack 5 → [at Fire Sprites 5] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
[TURN] Fire Sprites 5
Magdaline quick movements throws off her aim and the lightning strike carooms off the wall, missing the imps.
Fire Sprites 5 opens the door and rushes in.
Fire Sprites 5 pulls off the ward from the door
[TURN] Fire Sprites 6
Fire Sprites 6 also opens the door and pulls off the ward
[TURN] Laerdir of Runewood
Magdaline shouts, “The imps are running fer th’munnitions!”
Laerdir of Runewood runs forward, swings down the ladder and fires his bow at the first sprite he sees.
Attack 6 → [at Fire Sprites 5] [MISS]
Attack 2 → [at Fire Sprites 5] [MISS]
[TURN] Hunter – [Defender Aura; AC: 2]
Hunter heads down the ladder.
Hunter jumps off and swings his huge sword overhead!
Attack 11 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
Sokana: Your pitiful attempts to stop me are pointless
[TURN] Weylen Crane
Star: dodges the attack with absolute ease
Sokana dodges the attack with absolute ease
Hunter: Well, we’d rather not become explodified.
[TURN] Sokana, Eladrin Warlock – [MARK: -2 [EXPIRES]]
Sokana, Eladrin Warlock rushes past Hunter and Weylen, not caring for their attacks
Attack 15 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
Attack 10 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
Sokana, Eladrin Warlock climbs down the ladder to the engineering deck
Sokana, Eladrin Warlock: Hurry up, destroy the valves!
[TURN] LuciusLucius frantically sets about reloading his firearms
[TURN] Beth – [DEF: 1]
Damage 10 → [to Sokana, Eladrin Warlock]
GM: Lets just say, if anything should cause them all to explode at the same time, the ship is going to be blown to bits if all three are unwarded
GM: Hypothetically
Magdaline shouts, “Split up and take the woman down, ye swabs, while th’ rest take care o’ the imps.”
Attack 15 → [at Fire Sprites 5] [MISS]
Beth: wat
The fire sprite explodes, and the charm like ward falls to the floor
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5]
Magdaline strikes her hands together and hurls a sphere of frost at the remaining imp.
Attack 5 → [at Fire Sprites 6] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
Magdaline curses aloud as her aim is again impaired and the sphere smashes into the door.
[TURN] Fire Sprites 6
The sprite moves towards the door and opens it, then rushes inside and removes the ward.
[TURN] Engineer Saboteurs 1
[TURN] Engineer Saboteurs 2
[TURN] Laerdir of Runewood
Laerdir of Runewood rushes forward toward the gunpowder rooms and, quickly spotting the remaining sprite, thrusts at it through the door.
GM: [ATTACK (M)] Enfeebling Strike (vs. AC) 13
Attack 13 → [at Fire Sprites 6] [MISS]
[TURN] Hunter – [Defender Aura; AC: 2]
Hunter chases after the warlock!
Hunter jumps off the ladder in a reckless attempt to cleave into the woman!
Attack 11 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
GM: ._.
[TURN] Weylen Crane
Sokana: If I had known you were this pathetic, I would have ripped your… letter, into tiny pieces and then burned it, as it was I just simply burned it.
Hunter: Wow. Rude.
Attack 17 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [HIT]
Damage 7 → [to Sokana, Eladrin Warlock]
Weylen Crane runs a finger along his blade, runes crackling with electrity that leaps to his hand, and extends outward to Sokana, flinging a tendril of lightning.
[TURN] Sokana, Eladrin Warlock – [MARK: -2 [EXPIRES]]
Sokana, Eladrin Warlock ignores Hunter and Weylen and heads for the furnace
Attack 10 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
Attack 11 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
Sokana, Eladrin Warlock throws her amber rod into the furnace
As soon as her rod enters the furnace, it flares with light and the furnace begins to shudder with barely-contained arcane energy.
Sokana, Eladrin Warlock points to one of the engineers
Sokana, Eladrin Warlock: You, forget the valve, seal this door!
Sokana, Eladrin Warlock creates a barrier of fire between herself and hunter
Sokana, Eladrin Warlock: You pulled me towards you, now let me pull you into the fire
GM: Weylen gets for hunter covering him
Attack 19 → [at Weylen Crane] [HIT]
GM: So yeah that’s a definite miss
[TURN] Lucius
Weylen Crane swipes his hand and interposes a barrier of his own.
Lucius finishes loading his musket and clambers down the ladder
Weylen Crane: “Your second-hand parlor tricks are a joke!”
Lucius whips out his pistol and begins to load it as well
[TURN] Beth
Beth does just that.
Beth hangs the ward on the door.
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5]
Magdaline rushes forward and leaps down the hatch after the warlock.
[TURN] Fire Sprites 6
Fire Sprites 6: Double move you turn your standard action into a movement
Fire Sprites 6 shifts over and tries to attack Laerdir through the door
Attack 20 → [at Laerdir of Runewood] [HIT]
Fire Sprites 6: [DAMAGE (M)] Scribbling Claws [TYPE: fire] 4
Damage 4 → [to Laerdir of Runewood]
Effect [‘Grabbed [EXPIRES]’] → [to Laerdir of Runewood] [by Fire Sprites 6]
[TURN] Engineer Saboteurs 1
Engineer Saboteurs 1 closes the furnace door and touches it with a wand like object.
The furnace door completely rusts, making it much harder to open!
[TURN] Engineer Saboteurs 2
Engineer Saboteurs 2 begins to close the valve
[TURN] Laerdir of Runewood – [Grabbed [EXPIRES]]
Laerdir of Runewood holds his spear over the sprite grabbing him and plunges down.
Attack 6 → [at Fire Sprites 6] [MISS]
[TURN] Hunter – [Defender Aura; AC: 2]
Hunter goes through the flaming wall!
Sokana, Eladrin Warlock: [DAMAGE (A)] Searing Barrier [TYPE: fire] 5
Damage 5 → [to Hunter]
Hunter: …Ow.
Hunter: Okay. I’d appreciate it if you’d hold still for this.
Attack 10 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
Damage 5 → [to Sokana, Eladrin Warlock]
GM: From the furnace heat, which’ll affect hunter as well
GM: [DAMAGE (M)] Thunder Hooves Rage [FOCUS 1,3D] [FOCUS CRIT ] [-17]
GM: [DAMAGE (M)] Thunder Hooves Rage [FOCUS 1,3D] [FOCUS CRIT ] 8
Damage 8 → [to Sokana, Eladrin Warlock]
The furnace is so hot that anything close to it will begin to burn
[TURN] Weylen Crane
Attack 21 → [at Engineer Saboteurs 1] [HIT]
Damage 10 → [to Engineer Saboteurs 1]
Weylen Crane ‘s sword crackles with lighting and he slashes a tear through space, steps through it, and appears besides the saboteur in a flash of electricity.
[TURN] Sokana, Eladrin Warlock – [MARK: -2 [EXPIRES]]
Sokana, Eladrin Warlock throws caution to the wind and rushes through her own wall f fire
Attack 14 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
Sokana, Eladrin Warlock: [DAMAGE (A)] Searing Barrier [TYPE: fire] 5
Damage 5 → [to Sokana, Eladrin Warlock]
Sokana opens a latch on the firegem fuel bin
[TURN] Lucius
Lucius finishes loading his pistol and dashes for the stairs down
Lucius slides down the ladder and raises his musket, drawing a bead on Sokana
Attack 18 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [HIT]
Damage 13 → [to Sokana, Eladrin Warlock]
Effect [’Slowed’] → [to Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [by Lucius]
Lucius fires his musket with a loud rapport and a gout of flame and smoke
[TURN] Beth
Beth grips her runed watch-pendant, pointing her other hand at the sprite, her open palm facing it. A golden radiance shines from the pendant between her fingers, and a beam of holy light lashes out towards her target…
Attack 15 → [at Fire Sprites 6] [MISS]
Beth misses, the beam striking the wall next to the doorway, singing a small line in it.
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5]
Magdaline frustrated with her performance thus far, begins to draw in arcane energies, causing static to snap and crackle around her. The charge builds for a moment before a brillant cobalt bolt springs from her outstretched hands, quickly covering the gap between herself and the warlock, all the while the sorceress screaming, tears streaming from her face, “Lola’loktal rillbaella!!!”
Attack 20 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [HIT]
Sokana explodes into a ball of goop
Magdaline: Eat that, ye blasted wench!
Magdaline: Take the rest without cleavin their heads, boyos! The wench is down.
[TURN] Fire Sprites 6 – [MARK: -2]
Saboteur: You killing Sokana will not stop the inevitable, this ship will explode.
Attack 25 → [at Laerdir of Runewood] [HIT]
Fire Sprites 6: [DAMAGE (M)] Scribbling Claws [TYPE: fire] 4
Damage 4 → [to Laerdir of Runewood]
Magdaline: Perhaps we’ll feed yer carcass t’the boilers t’calm’em down then, eh?
GM: [DAMAGE] Ongoing damage [TYPE: thunder] 5
[TURN] Engineer Saboteurs 1 – [DMGO: 5 thunder; [SAVE]]
Damage 5 → [to Engineer Saboteurs 1]
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5]
GM: [DAMAGE] Ongoing damage [TYPE: thunder] 5
Damage 5 → [to Engineer Saboteurs 1]
[TURN] Engineer Saboteurs 1 – [DMGO: 5 thunder; [SAVE]]
Engineer Saboteurs 1: [DAMAGE] Ongoing damage [TYPE: thunder] [-5]
Heal 5 → [to Engineer Saboteurs 1]
Engineer Saboteurs 1 smashes at Weylen with his wrench
Attack 21 → [at Weylen Crane] [HIT]
The impact from the wrench jars weylen enough for the engineer to shove him out of the way
Damage 5 → [to Weylen Crane]
[TURN] Engineer Saboteurs 2
Engineer Saboteurs 2 closes the valve shut, then uses his rusting wand to rust the valve
As the valve shuts the furnace begins to burn even hotter
It’s quite obvious to you now, that unless you do something, the engine will soon explode.
[TURN] Laerdir of Runewood
Laerdir of Runewood rushes off to reach the others.
[TURN] Hunter – [RAGE: Thunder Hooves]
Damage 5 → [to Hunter]
The rusted door opens by force
Hunter reaches into the fiery furnace for a heroic ploy!
The scolding heat burns you significantly!
Hunter: ….Ow. OW… OW…
However, just before you pass out from the heat, you manage to pull the rod out!
[TURN] Weylen Crane
Weylen Crane: [HEAL] Second Wind [COST 1] [HSV 1] 0
Heal 7[HS-1] → [to Weylen Crane]
The furnace begins to cool down, but you can still tell that it’ll explode unless you do remove the energy
Damage 10 → [to Weylen Crane]
Heal 10 → [to Weylen Crane]
[TURN] Lucius
Lucius seems to mull it over in his head a moment before dashing headlong through the flames to get to the other side
Lucius yanks his pistol from his belt and aims it at one of the engineers before firing
Attack 15 → [at Engineer Saboteurs 1] [HIT]
The engineers head explodes
Lucius is pleased when the engineers head turns into a fine mist and blows some smoke away from the barrel of his pistol
[TURN] Beth
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5]
Magdaline bares her teeth and pushes her way through the cinder-filled mist, nearly stomping on the body of Hunter as she does so.
Magdaline flings a bolt of lightning at the remaining engineer.
Attack 7 → [at Engineer Saboteurs 2] [MISS]
[TURN] Engineer Saboteurs 2
Engineer Saboteurs 2 bludgeons mag with his wrench
Attack 11 → [at Magdaline] [MISS]
Magdaline brushes the cinders out of her eyes to see that the lightning bolt missed her target.
[TURN] Laerdir of Runewood
Laerdir of Runewood climbs down the ladder to a wall of flames and intense heat… “What’s going on here?”
Weylen Crane: “We need to get the firegems out of the furnace or this thing will explode!”
Magdaline: Hunter’s down!
Laerdir of Runewood raises an eyebrow and pushes through the fire wall.
Laerdir of Runewood: [HEAL #2] Lay on Hands [HSV 1] 2
[TURN] Hunter – [DEF: 2 | RAGE: Thunder Hooves]
Hunter stands up….. in pain.
Damage 5 → [to Hunter]
Hunter gets the hell away and attempts to take out that other guy!
Attack 14 → [at Engineer Saboteurs 2] [HIT]
[TURN] Weylen Crane
[TURN] Lucius
[TURN] Beth
Beth notices weylen first, who is quite injured, and says a healing prayer, her watch-pendant glowing slightly as she does.
[TURN] Weylen Crane

Chapter two: Boarding the Coaltongue

Last time on Zeitgeist, you arrived at the docks to provide security for the official launch of the Royal Naval Ship Coaltongue. While the public where waiting to pass through the checkpoint, you scanned the crowd to find potential troublemakers, and dealt with them swiftly.
The first of the noble carriages have begun to approach the royal shipyard, and already the crowd on the bridge is doing its job: cheering, throwing flowers, and performing folk songs and dances to show their support.
Before things get too busy, your direct superior—Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft—asked you to come to a last-minute meeting to give you your marching orders. You find him chewing a bit of tobacco and eyeing a halfling chef who is carrying a tray of chocolate confections toward the docked Coaltongue.
His attention turns to you, and he smiles. “Only the finest for our king, right? “Now then,” he says, “we’re about to earn our pay. Lots of nobles about, so first, don’t make a scene, and definitely don’t talk to any of the nobility unless they address you first.
“Second, if something does go wrong, try to handle it yourselves, would you? I’m going to be busy applying my not-inconsiderable charms to very important people. The Constabulary doesn’t get by with just good will and pretty faces, you know. “And third, you did good work, so I’ve got a surprise for you.”
He grabs his cane and leads you to the gangplank of the Coaltongue. But he’s not pursuing the halfling chef. Rather, ahead of you waits Principal Minister Harkover Lee, the king’s chief advisor and personal bodyguard.
You also notice another man there, who delft casually neglected to mention before now.
Delft: Oh, hunter will be joining you now, he’s been working under my supervision.
Delft: Save the plesentries for later
Weylen Crane nods politely to the new comrade.
Magdaline nods curtly.
Hunter: But…. I didn’t have any pleasantries.
Delft waves tiredly to Minister Lee, who has just finsiehd checking the warship for magical threats.
Hunter: Or any trees for that matter.
Laerdir of Runewood raises an eyebrow.
Delft: Agents, this is the old man, Principle Minister Harkover Lee
Lucius regards Hunter for a moment before returning his attention to the chief
Minister Lee does a slight chuckle
Magdaline bows to the Minister.
Minister Lee: Good to see you Delft. I am confident that security is in order.
Beth: Bows as well.
Lucius stands at attention
Laerdir of Runewood crosses his arms.
Minister Lee: Still, I would like some representatives of the RHC aboard this evening. After the fireworks and banquet, the king is planning a major announcement. I want your constables present to be extra eyes and ears, so that I can get a guage of how people react.
Minister Lee: Plus.. there are a few recalcitrant guests who might need coralling.
After saying this, Minister Lee looks in the direction of one of the checkpoints, where a guest and her handmaiden are disembarking from a horse-drawn carriage.
Magdaline: Care to dumb that down for the common folk?
From your briefings and preperations, you easily recognise this person as the King’s sister, Duchess Ethelyn of Shale, escorted by an elven handmaiden named Sokana Rell.
Lucius: We might actually have to do our jobs properly and arrest troublemakers and not just let them go with a wag of our finger
Laerdir of Runewood raises his eyebrow in surprise at the elf.
Lucius: Dumb enough for you?
Minister Lee: Sorry, I must prepare for the king’s arrival, please excuse me. Please direct any questions you have to Delft.
Hunter: Okay… I suppose.
Minister Lee nods and heads off.
Delft: Remember what I said about bothering me.
Delft also heads off to mingle.
Hunter: …Well. Um…. Hi.
Hunter: I’m Hunter.
Hunter extends a hand of friendship to his new ‘allies’.
Laerdir of Runewood glances around the ship at the other guests.
Magdaline: Salutations, ser. Be a pleasure makin’ yer acquiantence.
Hunter: Um… You too? I guess?
Beth: “I’m Beth” she’d say with a bit of a smile, “It’s nice to meet you, Hunter.”
Hunter slowly retracts his hand as no one has shaken it.
Beth: Would have shaken it.
Hunter: Um… Okay. Well… I’m gonna go see what’s goin’ on over there.
Magdaline: So… security detail. Where should we start then? Jus meandering around the ship isnt going to cut it, I think.
Hunter turns to help with new arrivals, like the carriage that just came up.
Lucius dips his head with a curt nod and introduces himself to Hunter.
Weylen Crane smiles politely and nods. “I’m Weylen. Weylen Crane. Nice to meet you.”
Weylen Crane waves goodbye after Hunter when the man goes off.
Laerdir of Runewood turns to Magdaline… “What did you have in mind?”
Weylen Crane: “Well, one of us should get as high as they can for starters. At least, that sounds like the best idea.”
Lucius: We should station at least one of our number upon the ship itself and the rest patrol the area.
You notice however that nobody is allowed on the ship at the moment, A gangplank leads to the main deck, guarded by sailors.
Magdaline: Honestly, no idea. Like there to be lots of nobles, so wandering isnt going to cut it. Likely we should be stationed at regular places throughout the decks so we’ve got eyes on the crowd an’ at least one pair of eye on one another.
Laerdir of Runewood scratches his chin… “Maybe station some close to key persons also?”
Magdaline: As long as we aren’t obtrusive… Delfts already sai’ not to mess with the noble folk.
Laerdir of Runewood nods in agreement.
Lucius: It is troubling that our commander did not leave us with clearer instruction
As you’re talking, you notice a new arrival, the Tiefling Engineer, geoff Massarde, a few industrialists and miliary officers hang near him, asking questions about how the ship will hold up under actual combat.
Magdaline: Thats what “workin’ independantly” means.
Lucius: Yes well that is still fairly vague
Laerdir of Runewood stiffens at the sight of Geoff, but quickly relaxed.
Weylen Crane: We’re just eyes and ears. Eyes are best up high, and ears will need to be close to the crowd.
You head over to the Duchess, who notices you approaching.
Magdaline: Keep en eye on that one. Lots a crowd tensions follow ‘im
Hunter waves friendly-like.
Duchess Ethelyn: Hello, are you one of those people from the RHC? I’m Duchess Ethelyn
Hunter: Yup. I’m Hunter. Need help with anything?
Duchess Ethelyn notices the other constables.
Duchess Ethelyn: Yes, may I speak to all of you? I have a request.
Laerdir of Runewood moves closer to the Duchess while keeping an eye on the rest of the attendance.
Magdaline stiffens at the Duchess’ call, but swiftly recovers and moves to the woman’s beckon.
Beth would follow the rest of the team.
Hunter: I suppose. Depends on if we’re allowed to or not.
Lucius strides over to the duchess and greets her respectfully.
Hunter: What do you want us to do?
Magdaline bows deeply, “Yer Highness. What can we do for you?”
Duchess Ethelyn: Oh please, no need to be so formal.
Weylen Crane: “What are they…” Weylen squints in the direction of the others to see what they’ve gotten into.
Beth would bow to the duchess a bit with a friendly smile at about the same time as mags.
Duchess Ethelyn: “It is my understanding that you have some sway over the arrangements of this event. If you could do an old lady a kindness, the air here is already leaving me winded, and the company is already giving me a headache. I know my brother’s party is going to run late, so I need a room I can nap in. I’d be very grateful if you’d arrange this for me.”
Hunter: Oh. I don’t see how’d that would be a problem. I’ll see what I can do.
Lucius: Of course, your grace, it would be our pleasure to assist you.
Hunter turns to head to the docks and see if he can get the sailors to pass on the word or something.
Lucius: If you would be so kind as to wait for us to return, if it pleases you, we can go see about making the arrangements.
Lucius heads over to the sailors guarding the gangplank
As you are conversing, you notice another attendant arriving, Captain Rutger Smith, commander of the distinguished R.N.S impossible, a swift clipper ship which occasionally assiists the RHC on missions. He’s discussing philosophy and political theory with a black-bearded dwarf.
Saily: Sorry sir, no entry, not even for RHC personel.
Hunter: Hey. Any chance of you guys finding a room on board for the Duchess? She’s feeling like she’s got the flu or something.
Laerdir of Runewood stays by the countess at this time.
Weylen Crane: Weylen blinks, looking to Hunter. “That’s… a really bad idea.”
Magdaline heads over with the others to attempt to gain access to the ship and the Duchess’ rooms.
Lucius: Listen saily, the duchess isn’t feeling well and she wishes to rest upon the ship. So I suggest you let us past unless you would like to explain to the old duchess why she cannot board and rest.
Sailor: I’m sorry sir, but nobody is allowed on the ship until the Kings Arrival, not even the Kings Sister.
Sailor: I am sure a room can be found for her once everyone is allowed onboard.
Hunter: Hm. I suppose. Sorry for interruptin’ your work.
Lucius: On whose athority do you deny the king’s sister access to the ship so she may rest?
Hunter turns to return to the duchess.
Sailor: The kings himself sir
Lucius: Well then don’t you imagine the king would make an exception for his dear ailing sister.
Magdaline: Perhaps you could make an exception for the Duchess, as she needs to rest before the evenings events.
Duchess Ethelyn wonders over
Duchess Ethelyn: Oh I am terrible sorry, you thought I required a room now? No no, I would like one during the party, I am fine for now.
Laerdir of Runewood follows the Duchess.
Sailor stands to attention as the Duchess approaches.
Hunter: Sorry about that, Ma’am. I’m kinda new at this RHC stuff.
Lucius: Oh, excuse me your grace, I thought you required one at once.
Duchess Ethelyn: It is my fault dear, I should have been clearer.
Beth also followed the rest of her team.
Hunter: S’kay. Might I make a question, Ma’am?
Hunter: Who’s the lady that’s with you?
Duchess Ethelyn: This is my handmaiden, Sokana
Hunter: Howdy. I’m Hunter.
Lucius: Very well, is there anything else that we could assist you with at the moment?
Hunter extends a hand of friendship to the handmaiden.
Sokana shakes Hunters hand
Hunter smiles behind his mask.
Hunter: Thanks. About time people shake my hand. I thought everyone around here was cold or something.
Hunter: Not often we find folks like yourself. The RHC notwithstandin’ of course.
Sokana looks curiously at Hunter
Hunter: …What? Do I got somethin’ on my face?
Sokana: No sir
Magdaline begins scanning through the crowd again, taking note of Master Massarde and Captn Smith.
Duchess Ethelyn: Oh don’t mind Sokana, she doesn’t say much.
Duchess Ethelyn looks at the ship and sighs
Hunter: Sorry bout that. We’ll get you and your lady friend squared away when we’re on board. I promise.
Duchess Ethelyn: I must admit, I am rather unenthused aboiut this.. metal monstrosity, the only thing keeping it from sinking is that infernal tiefling magic.
Magdaline: Much different from the Roscommon, eh?
Duchess Ethelyn: We should remember the old ways of the skyseers and the fey, and not be tricked into thinking Danor’s industry is good for Risur just because my brother uses the word “Progress” a lot.
Weylen Crane looks around himself once more, worried that the attention of the others is focused on the lady.
Hunter: I suppose. I like the old ways myself.
Hunter: Fancy stuff just gets in the way of things.
Magdaline: My mother was a ‘seer. Im bound to those teachings, meself.
Magdaline blushes, realizing she was speaking outloud.
Duchess Ethelyn: Oh really? How marvalous.
Lucius: I am sure his majesty has only the wellfare of his kingdom and people in mind when he embraces the industry of the tieflings. Though that does not mean we necessarily need to put aside the old ways.
Magdaline: Tis nothing, yer grace. Jus’ how I was raised is all.
Before the conversation can go on any longer however, horns begin to blare, signalling the arrival of the king.
Hunter: Oh. I guess someone important’s here?
Hunter: Either that or we’re being attacked. Not sure.
Laerdir of Runewood turns to attention towards the dock’s entrance.
Duchess Ethelyn: My brother is here, please excuse me.
Magdaline: Aye. The King
Lucius: Eyes sharp and ears open.
Weylen Crane: Well, an enemy is important, if you think about it.
With great pomp and grandeur, trumpeters announce the arrival of the king’s carriage. Elite guards line the thoroughfare and open the door, and first the city governor Roland Stanfield, then King Aodhan himself emerge.
Weylen Crane nods to Hunter, before backing up to get into position.
The king offers a one-sided smile to the crowd and is greeted by his Principle Minister and his sister. Children, gathered in advance by royal aids, cheer and sing the traditioinal crown anthem as the group makes its way to the docks.
Lucius moves to get closer to the carriage
Magdaline hums the tune under her breath.
Laerdir of Runewood stands to the side next to the gangplank.
Hunter: A bunch of fancy stuff for one guy. I guess people really like him or something…
The ceremony goes without a hitch. The king takes a champagne bottle, announces that the ship shall be formally known as the Royal Naval Ship Coaltongue, then smashes the bottle across the bow. At that precise moment a steam whistle sounds, and black smoke begins to roil out of the ship’s stacks.
After this, the king boards, and the crowd begins to board as well.
Hunter: ….Why’d he hit that ship?
Magdaline coughs. “Blech. Reminders me of the Yerasol…”
Hunter: And with a bottle?
Weylen Crane: It’s called a christening. I’ll show you some books sometime.
Hunter: Nah. Books are not my thing.
Lucius boards the ship and looks for a place for the duchess to rest.
Weylen Crane: Well, you can eat it or something and I’ll explain.
Hunter: Hm. Well, time to get on board. Finally!
Laerdir of Runewood grins at Weylen as he makes his way on the ship, staying by the gangplank and looking over the boarders.
Hunter boards along with the RHC party, and begins to find a decent room for two ladys of noble-ness.
Magdaline remains on deck while the other acquire accomodations
You manage to find a good place for the duchess to rest.
Beth Remains with mags for now, unsure of what else to do.
Lucius helps get the duchess settled then returns to his regular duty.
Lucius informs the duchess about the lodgings that were located for her then returns to his regular duties
Once everyone is aboard and enjoying light refreshments on the main deck, it sweeps toward the center of the harbor, where eight traditional fourmasted ships enter formation ith it. Against their white sails, the black clouds from the Coaltongue’s smokestacks makes for a dramatic image, and though you catch the duchess glowering at the sight, you can also see crowds along the shore cheering as the small fleet sets a course out of the harbor, toward open sea.
Lucius patrols the deck of the ship keeping a suspicious eye on the people gathered upon it.
Beth looks around from where she and mags are, still not sure what to do…
Hunter returns to the festivities after writing a nice letter to the other pretty ladies.
Hunter: Right. What’d I miss?
A sailor greets you all
Beth: Not much so far that I can tell…
You recognise that it’s the same sailor you met earlier
Sailor: Hello again, now that you’re onboard I have been asked to give you all a guided tour of the ship.
Weylen Crane: Oh, that’d be nice.
Laerdir of Runewood nods… “Who asked?”
Lucius returns to the group when he spots the sailor adressing them
Beth nods, “Yes, that sounds like a good idea.” she says with a smile.
Hunter: Probably Mr. Delft. He’s nosy like that.
Lucius raises a brow and frowns at Hunter.
Sailor motions for you to follow him
Beth would follow the sailor.
Hunter tilts his head curiously at Lucius. “What? Do I have something on my face? This is part of the reason I wear this mask…”
The R.N.S. Coaltongue has a wooden hull sheathed with 5-inch thick iron armor plating, engraved with subtle magical icons of defense and power. Measuring 220 ft. long with a beam of 45 ft. and a draft of 20 ft., the warship has three lower decks and a two-story command bridge amidships the maindeck. The steam engine, powered by heating a boiler with burning firegems, gives the vessel a top speed of 15 knots (roughly 17 miles per hour).
Hunter tries to brush whatever he thinks might be on his face away.
Twelve cannons line each side of the gundeck, which is capped on the fore by the ship’s mage’s quarters, and on the aft by observation rooms. Both of these rooms can be converted to firing platforms when in pursuit or flight.
Below that is the berth deck, capped by the ship’s magazine at the fore and sickbay at the aft. Finally, the bottom deck contains the engine, fuel bins, and various cargo.
The bridge’s main level contains quarters for captain and officers, while the second story command deck has speaking tubes to various sections of the ship, and is where the captain must stand to direct the Brand.
All the lower decks have sections of grated floor panels to help circulate air. Characters easily have line of sight, but not necessarily line of effect, through this grating.
On the Coaltongue’s maindeck sits an elaborate glass frame, reinforced by magic to be as strong as steel, and shaped in a half-cylinder to resemble the boiler of a train locomotive. While its design is partially aesthetic, intended to evoke the power of Risur’s new industry, this innovative structure is Risur’s greatest trump card against Danoran warships: a magical capacitor.
Excess energy from the steam engine is stored in thin metallic etchings within the structure. Even while storing its full power, the interior of the capacitor is perfectly safe to walk through, and its expansive windows let it serve as venue for ceremonies and celebrations. But the primary purpose of the capacitor is to power attack spells of the ship’s warmages, and to charge the Brand.
The Brand—so named because it burns an image into any surface it strikes—fires a massive blast of pyromantic energy from the ship’s figurehead, often enough to outright destroy a smaller vessel and cripple a larger one. Its range is limited to about a hundred feet, and after firing it takes hours to recharge the capacitor, but combined with the Coaltongue’s speed and maneuverability, the Brand should deter attacks by Danor’s navy.
The gunports, windows, and main deck are all ringed by a thin inlay of gold wire. As detailed in the Player’s Guide, this prevents teleportation across the barrier.
Weylen Crane is completely fascinated by the tour, able to appreciate the craftsmanship placed in the arcane bits.
Beth Is also quite fascinated by the tour.
Hunter is not. He is hungry.
After the tour you are returned back to the main deck
Magdaline: Its hard to like something built like this, after years of fightin them.
Hunter: What… machine ships?
Hunter: You’d need a big sword to fight one of these things, I’d wager. Or maybe a big explodey bomb.
Magdaline: Yes. Danorian made steam ships… sunk a few of them. Mostly we just set them on fire.
Laerdir of Runewood moves below deck.
Magdaline: Damned near everything burns if ya get it hot enough.. Thats the premise behind that big glass tunnel ’ o’ fun up there.
Hunter: That’s the explodey ‘Brand’, right? Or is that something else?
Magdaline: Thats it
Magdaline: Brand… blech. Horrid name.
Hunter grumbles. “Still think they should stick with a big sword. Or a giant arrow…”
Magdaline: Shoulda been “Aodan’s knickers” or something else interestin’.
Hunter: So… There’s food at these parties, right? I’m gonna get some.
Weylen Crane: Part of a weapon like this is to put fear in the enemy. A giant sword just makes everybody who isn’t near it lau-
Weylen Crane: Oh, I guess there is food. Hrm.
Magdaline: There’s a foo cart ‘round ere somewhere.
Magdaline kills time by watching the crowd.
Righty, time skipping
Laerdir of Runewood comes back to the deck and joins the others… “The Duchess is in her room and does not seem to want a guard at her door.”
Hunter: Oh. Did they get my letter?
Hunter: I mean— Did they get a letter?
Magdaline: Ol’ ladys dont like creepers, knife-ears.
Hunter: Not that I would write the handmaiden a letter or anything.
Lucius: You know how to write?
Laerdir of Runewood shakes his head at the Hunter… “It did not come up.”
Hunter: Of course! I got really good from all the applications I sent to the War Colleges around here.
Hunter: …None of ‘em really sent anything back, though.
Laerdir of Runewood frowns at Magdaline and bumps into her as he moves to move into the crowd.
Lucius: Maybe not as good as you thought then!
Hunter: A return what?
Magdaline harumphs audibly as the elf bumps her.
It is near nine o’clock, the Coaltongue sits anchored just within sight of shore, surrounded by its eight-ship escort. The starry blanket of night hovers overhead, and a quarter moon peeks above the eastern horizon. The crew have set up an outdoor kitchen on the aft maindeck, and are using the interior of the capacitor as a banquet room. The ceiling occasionally flickers with silver arcs of magical energy, which the crowd delights in.
A whistle from the bridge sets off motion as nearly the entire crew starts to line up around the outer deck, carrying horns, drums and woodwinds.
Magdaline mumbles, “Real lightnin’s much better.” while wringing her hands.
Weylen Crane: I… can’t help but feel it would make the King’s Guard uneasy.
Hunter stares up at the sky while chowing down on a chicken leg.
Lucius marvels at the arcs of energy that flicker through the structure of the capacitor
The king and his Principle Minister move for the front end of the capacitor/banquet hall, and you overhear the king complaining about indigestion.
Magdaline smirks as tiny sparks dance around her fingers. “Prolly.”
“One of the local archfey is upset I parked my ship here,” he guesses, laughing it off. “One of the burdens of kingship; the fey can really let me know when they’ve got an opinion. I always get burps that taste like fish when I sail these days.”
Hunter: Huh. Archfey can do that?
Magdaline: Thats… oddly specific.
Hunter secretly wonders if all of his illnesses were simply archfey making his life hell.
Stover delft detaches himself from a trio of military veterans arguin about small-unit tactics and comes over to join you.
Delft motions for you all to gather round.
Laerdir of Runewood nods to Delft and comes closer.
Hunter: Mr. Delft. Can Archfey give you the sniffles?
Delft sighs
Lucius approaches when beckoned and salutes Delft
Beth Would gather around with the rest of the team.
Delft: I don’t know hunter, but I didn’t come here to talk about.. archfey and sniffles.
Magdaline: Yes’ser
Delft: You may have noticed the Duchess has gone, I believe you arranged a room for her to nap? Well she hasn’t gotten back yet from the nap, and it’s been over an hour. The kings speech will likely begin soon, so would you mind going to the observation room at the aft of the gundeck and check in on her? Make sure she’s not trying to emarrass the king by hiding during his big speech.
Hunter draws his blade in gusto.
Magdaline: All of us, ser? Seems like a bit much.
Lucius: Why would her grace ever want to do such a thing?
Delft: There is no need for your blade
Hunter: …..But…. okay…
Delft: And why would a sister not want to embarrass their brother? Royalty are not exempt from that particular rule.
Laerdir of Runewood shakes his head at Hunter and leads the way to the Duchess’ room.
Lucius: I…suppose. I never had a sister.
Hunter sighs and puts away his weapon.
Hunter: Right. I’m on it.
Hunter heads over to talk to the Duchess and the handmaiden.
Weylen Crane turns to the others for damage control, when Hunter yells and draws a sword. “It’s fine! He does this. He’s very excited about many things.”
Weylen Crane then follows the others to check on said Duchess.
Lucius also goes to the duchess
Hunter knocks on the door of the Duchess’s room
Hunter: Hello? Is everything alright?
Lucius: I find this ship to be oddly relaxing
Hunter: If this is about the letter, I didn’t mean to upset anyone.
Hunter: …Hello?
Hunter knocks again, louder this time.
The door is locked, and you can hear Sokana through the door
Sokana: The duchess is asleep
Lucius: Terribly sorry to disturb her grace, but her presence is required by her brother, the king, for the ceremony.
Hunter: Miss Sokana, can you wake her?
Hunter: And also, did you get a letter by any chance? Not that I would know about a letter or anything.
You hear scuffle noises coming from inside the room, then you hear a slight “splash”
Hunter: ….Hello?
Hunter: Miss Sokana, please stand back!
Hunter draws his blade and prepares for damages!
Lucius gets some tools from his pack and looks to the lock
Lucius: Wait…
Weylen Crane draws his sword, which is covered in now-shimmering arcane runes.
Lucius: I can get this door open without damaging the kings property!
Laerdir of Runewood runs to the closer window to peer outside.
Beth: …A one.
As you try and bust down the door, you are attacked from the shadows, but you notice your attacker!
Laerdir of Runewood yells out… “The Duchess is in the water!!!”
Laerdir of Runewood points outside the window.
Laerdir of Runewood: On some massive submerged sea creature… and… oh she’s going underwater!
You do not see her struggle, it looks as she is willingly going underwater.
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5]
[TURN] Ilton, Halfling Assassin
Attack 21 → [at Hunter] [DEF EFFECTS ] [HIT]
The hafling digs at hunter with his sword, knocking hunter prone.
Hunter: Ow.
Effect [‘Prone [EXPIRES]’] → [to Hunter] [by Ilton, Halfling Assassin]
Ilton, Halfling Assassin pounces onto Hunters chest
Hunter: …Excuse me sir. Could you get off me, please?
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5]
Magdaline disappears abriefly and then unleashes a roaring bolt of lightning at the attacker.
Attack 23 → [at Ilton, Halfling Assassin] [HIT]
Effect [‘Prone [EXPIRES]’] → [to Ilton, Halfling Assassin] [by Magdaline]
Effect [‘Slowed’] → [to Ilton, Halfling Assassin] [by Magdaline]
[TURN] Fire Sprites 1
[TURN] Laerdir of Runewood
Hunter: Sir?… You’re bleeding on me.
Laerdir of Runewood runs off for the stairs.
[TURN] Hunter – [Defender Aura; AC: 2 | Prone [EXPIRES]]
Attack 9 → [at Hunter] [DEF EFFECTS ] [MISS]
GM: Oh wait, no you can’t crawl and stand up
GM: Unless you turn your standard into a movement
The hafling flops onto his backside as hunter crawls away
Hunter rolls over to the side and rolls again, this time swinging his sword to the halfling!
Attack 28 → [at Ilton, Halfling Assassin] [CRITICAL HIT]
GM: wow
GM: The first of no doubt many crits
Hunter: [DAMAGE (M)] Jarring Smash [FOCUS 1,1D] [FOCUS CRIT ] [CRITICAL] [MAX] [1g10 = 14]
GM: Oh speaking of crits, everyone happy to make it so if you crit and kill them.. they’re dead? No non-lethal, I can’t imagine a crit being a non-lethal blow
GM: Exactly
[TURN] Weylen Crane
Hunter cleaves the halfling in two.
Hunter: …Oh. Ohhhhh boy.
Hunter: He…. rolled into it.
Weylen Crane: She went overboard, right?
Lucius: Good work Hunter, now we can’t interrogate him
The halfling is literally cleaved in two from Hunters blow
Hunter: There’s still the handmaiden! Go get her!
Beth: Actually, we can still interrogate him.
[TURN] Sokana, Eladrin Warlock
You hear the door unlock, and see Sokana standing behind it.
Sokana vanishes and reappears nearby
Sokana creates a whirlwind gale around herside, pulling Mag and Beth in, then she vanishes into a vortex
Attack 24 → [at Beth] [HIT]
Attack 23 → [at Magdaline] [HIT]
Effect [‘Immobilized’] → [to Magdaline] [by Sokana, Eladrin Warlock]
Effect [‘Immobilized’] → [to Beth] [by Sokana, Eladrin Warlock]
Hunter: I take it you’re upset about the letter….?
Lucius: What did you write?
Hunter: Nothing much! Just that I hope she doesn’t mind having me as a friend… Apparantly she does…..
Sokana points with her wand, and fire sprites are conjured up
Hunter: Man, I was getting good vibes from her too…
[TURN] Lucius
Lucius whips out his musket and levels it at Sokana
GM: Yeah you can if you want
GM: Draw is minor I believe
Attack 12 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
Lucius fires his musket letting out a large plume of heated gasses and smoke but misses his mark
GM: Oh, something I should mention, I will be making use of full cover rules, so that includes enemies covering each other
[TURN] Beth – [Immobilized]
Lucius: Surrender and we will treat you fairly!
Sokana says nothing
By the way, the band upstairs is now playing, so nobody in the main deck can hear your combat.
Attack 5 → [at Fire Sprites 1] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5 | Immobilized]
Attack 21 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [HIT]
Attack 10 → [at Magdaline] [MISS]
Magdaline: [DAMAGE #2®] Lightning Strike [TYPE: lightning] 9
The sprite tries to leap on you but fails
Magdaline hurlls a lightning bolt at the warlock, which leaps back and fries the imp in her direct vicinity. “Cleave ’er to the brisket, boyos!”
[TURN] Fire Sprites 2
Attack 25 → [at Weylen Crane] [HIT]
Fire Sprites 2: [DAMAGE (M)] Scribbling Claws [TYPE: fire] 4
Effect [‘Grabbed [EXPIRES]’] → [to Weylen Crane] [by Fire Sprites 2]
Hunter: I don’t know what that means, but I guess?
Fire Sprites 2 leaps onto Weylen, clawing at him as it flails around, making it harder for him to move.
[TURN] Fire Sprites 3
Attack 20 → [at Laerdir of Runewood] [HIT]
Fire Sprites 3: [DAMAGE (M)] Scribbling Claws [TYPE: fire] 4
Effect [‘Grabbed [EXPIRES]’] → [to Laerdir of Runewood] [by Fire Sprites 3]
Fire Sprites 3 leaps onto Laerdir
[TURN] Laerdir of Runewood – [Grabbed [EXPIRES]]
Laerdir of Runewood frees his spear quickly in a spinning motion and comes down to strike the imp before him.
Attack 21 → [at Fire Sprites 3] [HIT]
GM: Grabbed means you cant move till you escape the grab
Effect [‘Marked’] → [to Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [by Laerdir of Runewood]
GM: Means you get to hurt her if she attacks anyone other then you :P
Effect [‘Marked’] → [EXPIRED] [on Sokana, Eladrin Warlock]
[TURN] Hunter – [Defender Aura; AC: 2 | Prone [EXPIRES]]
Hunter charges at Sokana, greatsword overhead!
Attack 11 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
Hunter quickly swaps weapons to a small dagger, and lashes at the elf…..
Attack 16 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
GM: You fail in your attempt to.. declothe her
Hunter deftly swaps to his favored greatsword
Attack 13 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
[TURN] Weylen Crane – [Grabbed [EXPIRES]]
Attack 26 → [at Fire Sprites 2] [HIT]
Weylen Crane runs a finger across the runes on his sword, channeling biting cold across the blade before slashing at the imp.
[TURN] Sokana, Eladrin Warlock
Magdaline: Are ye daft, focus on th’wench!
Hunter: Um…. Wow, you’re quick.
Hunter: It’s not at all like I’m holding back or anything, either.
Sokana turns to hunter and uses her thin weapon to try and buffet him with wind.
Attack 18 → [at Hunter] [DEF EFFECTS ] [MISS]
Weylen Crane: A little busy!
Sokana turns around and climbs down the ladder behind her
Laerdir of Runewood: [DAMAGE ©] Divine Challenge [TYPE: radiant] 5
Damage 5 → [to Sokana, Eladrin Warlock]
Attack 9 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
You see Sokana conjure more fire sprites on the below deck
Effect [‘Immobilized’] → [EXPIRED] [on Magdaline]
Effect [‘Immobilized’] → [EXPIRED] [on Beth]
[TURN] Lucius
Lucius moves in pursuit
Lucius whips out his pistol and fires
Attack 12 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
Lucius climbs back to where he came from
[TURN] Beth
Beth: [HEAL] Rune of Mending (Hybrid) [COST 1] [HSV 1] 0
Heal 6[HS-1] → [to Beth]
Attack 17 → [at Fire Sprites 4] [HIT]

Chapter One: Canvassing the dock

It is spring of the year 500 A.O.V. (After Our Victory). Seven years after the end of the Fourth Yerasol War, the shipyards in Flint have completed the first Risuri warship powered solely by steam engine, not sail. Your monarch, King Aodhan, has come to Flint to witness the official launch of this mighty vessel. Woodenhulled but with a heart and skin of iron, the Royal Naval Ship Coaltongue will act as a deterrent against future aggression from Risur’s enemy across the sea, the nation of Danor.
The Royal Homeland Constabulary has been called upon to provide security, and you have spent the past several weeks working to make sure this event goes off without a hitch—canvassing the docks, performing background checks on the guest list, coordinating with the local police to set up a perimeter around the royal docks, and following various directives of your superiors.
Now, as a warm breeze off the sea mingles the scents of elaborate floral decorations with the pervasive coal soot that always hovers over Flint, you’re at the first of two checkpoints, working with Flint police to let in a crowd of local citizens who just want to line the streets and cheer their king.
GM: And the very first thing we do? A skill challenge, because nothing says “Welcome to 4e” like a skill challenge.
GM: Skill challenges in zeitgeist are split into “Goals” you have to pass each goal to move onto the next one, making a complete skill challenge, for each goal I shall give you some fluff and some possible stuff that you can do (Although don’t feel you’re restricted to this at all, you can do anything, and if it works, then great, if it doesn’t, then.. well also great)
A crowd of hundreds wait at a security checkpoint. In half an hour they’ll line up along streets to cheer the king’s arrival, and you must make sure no one dangerous gets through.
You can’t just question the whole crowd. You need a clear idea of what appearances or mannerisms might be clues that someone’s a threat.
In their preparation for today’s event, the Royal Homeland Constabulary determined that four groups in particular are likely to cause trouble. The fastest way for you to search for threats is to figure out who in this crowd of seven hundred people fit any of these profiles.
Dockers, angry because of how the city treats them.
Primalists—i.e., believers in the old druidic faith—angry at all the new industry.
Agents of the fey terrorist known as “Gale,” who might try to sabotage the ship.
War veterans, who might target the ship’s tiefling designer.
GM: First order of buisness is to create a threat profile (History of Streetwise) Since Magdaline is a docker you +2 get to the roll and another cause Weylen is a Yerasol Veteran
[TURN] Laerdir of Runewood
GM: You spend some time trying to make a threat profile, but you cannot get a clear enough picture. (Fail)
[TURN] Weylen Crane
GM: Weylen successfully makes a threat profile, and you get the following information:
Dockers are usually burly working men with eclectic fashion. Primalists have particular hairstyles, wear sandals, and adorn themselves with druidic religious icons. Fey saboteurs are typically elves or half-elves with impeccable grooming from their rituals, though they often try to hide this by dressing in soot-stained clothes. War veterans will usually be either in the mid- to late-twenties, or late-fifties/early-sixties, usually in better fighting shape than common citizens.
GM: Goal 2
You have to look for possible threats out of hundreds of men, women, and scampering children. Work together and with the police to canvas the whole crowd.
GM: Some options – Mingle with the crowd (Insight) Recruit the cops (Diplomacy) Recruit some Rascals (Streetwise) or Scan the crowd (perception)
GM: Obviously if you think of other ways, go ahead and try them out
GM: The crowd is split into four quadrants.
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5]
The crowd is currently waiting idly and people chatter amicably.
Magdaline spreads some copper points in a effort to get some information from the local varmits.
GM: Success
GM: (You wont know the results till you’ve succeeded this goal)
[TURN] Lucius
Your intimidation gets a few angry looks from the crowd, but it doesn’t look like it did anything to help you identify possible trouble makers.
Lucius crosses his arms and scans the crowd with a piercing gaze
[TURN] Beth
Beth: attempts to mingle with the crowd, overhearing some conversations and observing the actions of people.
GM: Success
[TURN] Laerdir of Runewood
Laerdir of Runewood moves among the crowd, badge flashing, and judges the reaction of the different people to a representative of the crown as he passes by.
You have so far spent 10 minutes, a half-dozen messengers have begun to hand out lyric sheets of the royal anthem, to make sure people get the later verses correct.
GM: Success
GM: 1 more success needed for this particular goal
[TURN] Weylen Crane
Magdaline begins to hum the anthem while she meanders through the crowd.
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5]
Magdaline speaks to the local police force, as well as attempting to work with her partners to liason the profiling.
You trip over your words
[TURN] Lucius
[TURN] Beth
Magdaline ends up getting distracted by a friend she hadnt seen in such a long time, momentarily forgetting about the task at hand.
Beth: After observing the conversations and actions of the crowd, she decides to scan the crowd for any suspicious looking people.
GM: Perception :)
GM: …Well that didn’t succeed
[TURN] Hunter
[TURN] Laerdir of Runewood
The excitement builds as people begin pressing against the ropes, and various unsynchronized groups start singing the anthem or other festive sounds.
Laerdir of Runewood moves to the back of the crowd, walking slowly forward, listening to conversations as he moves up for anything suspicious, especially whispers.
GM: Success
You’ve picked out about twenty people of interest, but you need to separate the innocent parade-goers from actual threats.
GM: Options are – Confrontation (insight) Deception (Bluff) Observation (Perception) and Yank them All (Stealth)
[TURN] Weylen Crane
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5]
Magdaline offers to bring a select few guests to a private viewing area where they will get to see the festivities away from the rest of the crowd.
During your deception, you discover someone named Coulton.
GM: This opens up, Good Cop, Bad Cop (Diplomacy or intimidate)
GM: That requires 2 people
GM: Or just straight up diplomacy or intimidate
[TURN] Lucius
Magdaline stumbles over her words, but catches herself mid flub and seems to work out a smooth catch.
Lucius nods to Weylen and approaches a suspicious character to begin interrogating
Coulton failed to be intimidated by Lucius, but the smooth talking from Weylen managed to get him to give up two more men, Mercliffe and Iscalio. However, after interrogation they let slip that there could potentially be a fourth man.
[TURN] Beth
From direct confrontation, you discover the fourth man, Dafton, and not a moment too soon as the police begin letting people through the checkpoint.
Dafton: What do you want? I wasn’t doing anything wrong.
Laerdir of Runewood glances at the man… “Why are you so nervous, then?”
Lucius: You look like someone that is doing SOMETHING wrong.
Lucius: Your hair for example, is your barber blind?
Dafton: I’m nervous because you and the police have it out for us Dockers! You’re always splitting up our gatherings.
Dafton shows you a bruise that he sustained in a little scuffle with police arlier in the week.
Lucius: Well maybe if you were a little less seditious we wouldn’t have to break up your little pity parties now would we?
Lucius: We know the sorts of things you lot get up to and we’ll have none of it today!
Magdaline: Likely your up t’ throwin’ t’ kin’s works in his own face. Better yet that you cool your heels and leave this engagement t’ people that arent likely t’ stir t’ pot
Lucius rests his hand openly on the handle of his pistol tucked into his belt and looks pointedly at the man.
Dafton: Whatever, so what’ya gonna do? Arrest us? We did nothing wrong.
Weylen Crane: “Hm… public intoxication.” Weylen sniffs the man.
Lucius: Oh yeah, I smell it too. Add public stupidity on top.
As you’re talking to the men, a fifth man comes up to you.
Grimsley sighs
Grimsley: I apologise for these men officers.
Lucius: You volunteering to share a cell with them?
Grimsley: Ah, but where are my manners, I am Thames Grimsley
Laerdir of Runewood looks to the man.
Lucius: I don’t much care who you are, sir, get off or we’ll have you done for interfering with RHC business.
Grimsley: And I assure you, I am not. You must forgive these fools, my men are restless, they’re raring for a riot and I am trying my best to keep them calm. But I can only do so much
Weylen Crane holds up a hand to Lucius. “It’s all right.”
Weylen Crane: “Grimsley, right? You should get your men out of here before they raise the ire of people with far less patience than my friend here.”
Laerdir of Runewood keeps an eye on the rest of the crowd as he others talk to the men.
Lucius: Alright? This man has just admitted to being the ring leader of this nest of sedition!
Magdaline frowns at Lucius.
Grimsley: I have done no such thing, I have just told you I am trying to keep them calm.
Lucius: I think I’ve heard enough out of you sir, come along peaceful like now so nobody has to get hurt
Weylen Crane glances at Lucius, then looks back to Grimsley. “See what I mean? Even less patience than that.”
Lucius moves to put shackles on Grimsley
Laerdir of Runewood turns quickly to Lucius… “Stand down and let him speak.”
Grimsley backs away
Weylen Crane reaches to grab Lucius’ shoulder. “You’ve made your point. Really.”
Lucius: Hey, where do you think you are going, don’t even think to try running now.
Beth: attempts to stop Lucius, “This man hasn’t actually done anything wrong, Lucius, you can’t just arrest him.”
Lucius grabs for Grimsley
Grimsley: There is no reason for me to run, I have done nothing wrong.
Grimsley: I have come to help you! And you wonder why my men wish to riot.
Lucius: You’ll help us by cooperating and coming along peaceful like
Lucius: We’ll bring in your men too, you won’t be lonesome
Magdaline: I think Lucius be the reason most think the RHC is daft.
Weylen Crane speaks to Lucius in a hushed tone. “Stop this now. You are going to incite an actual riot by bringing in people on a whim with no evidence.”
Laerdir of Runewood brings Grimsley a little to the side, putting himself between himself and Lucius…“What can we do to help keep the peace?”
Grimsley nods
Grimsley: Thank you, finally someone who is willing to listen.
Magdaline: Docker’s ain’ be needed another reason to rail against the govrment, boyo. Ye be worse than the troublemakers. Speak Mr. Grimsley.
Lucius: Talk, talk, talk, we aren’t going to get anywhere by listening to this fellas mewling
Weylen Crane: “Lucius, right now you are more of a danger to this city than anyone here. Stop it.”
Lucius: His men already admitted they were up to something and pointed each other out to us
Lucius: We have enough to bring them in for questioning
Grimsley: I shall take these idiots away from here so that they can do no harm, in exchange I would like you to deliver a message to the governer when you can. My men are tired of the local police harassing them just because a few of the city’s nobles don’t like being made fun of in tavern songs. Worse, some dockers have been arrested in the past few weeks because they refused to work sixteen hour shifts loading and unloading industrial cargo.
Lucius: I don’t think you understand what our job here is, it isn’t to stand around in the crowd and having a nice little social visit
Magdaline shakes her head, “Daft.”
Grimsley: As I said, my people are restless, and they’re raring for a riot. If stanfield can’t take some pressure off, I fear there’ll be blood in the streets. I will do all I can to stop it but… I fear it wont be long.
Grimsley: Although I can hardly do much from a jail cell
Magdaline: I ‘eard about that. Bad mojo, that/
Lucius: We should make an example out of the ring leader, show his lads who is in charge around here
Magdaline: Y’d end up with a knife in yer back, boyo. Might more of them than there are you.
Laerdir of Runewood nods to Grimsley… “Of course, we do not want incite anything further, but we would not be doing our duty by just letting these men walk off during this event.”
Lucius: Your men are conspiring to disturb the peace. This is a serious matter.
Beth: Lucius, please, calm down. As it is, you’re making this worse. Mister Grimsley hasn’t actually done anything wrong, and we have no right to arrest him just because he is associated with the conspirators.
Lucius: Shit rises to the top, if his men act out of line I’ll hold him responsible!
Grimsley: You have the message… I shall take my men and be off, they will not trouble you.
Grimsley grabs Dafton by the ear
Grimsley: Come on
Beth: We’ll deliver your message, Mister Grimsly. Take care.
Lucius: You do that, don’t let me catch you fellas loitering about here again today.
Beth: smiles and waves as he leaves with his men.
Lucius turns and looks over his companions with a frown
Magdaline: Got both black en white in this crew…. not a shade o grey in the bunch…
Weylen Crane: “…from now on, let us do the talking.”
Lucius: What is wrong with you lot? We had them dead to rights plotting to disturb the peace and you go all wavy and smily at them?
Weylen Crane: “They made jokes about nobles in a tavern, you ass.”
Lucius mutters to himself “Where’d Delft find these jokers?”
Beth: From what they told us, there wasn’t actually any sort of conspiring or plotting.
Magdaline [Elven]: [REDACTED]
Gonna hang from the yardarm, that one is.
Lucius: They were here to harass the nobility, which is disturbing the peace, which is against the law
Laerdir of Runewood: We stopped them before they could do anything, and how many other Dockers would there have been in the crowd, Dockers tired of police harassment, and you’d just give them the reason for a riot, compromising the King’s security…
Beth: Not to mention that Mister Grimsley was completely innocent as far as I could tell.
Lucius: You are aware we are here to uphold the law
Lucius: Yes?
Laerdir of Runewood: Keep the peace…
Laerdir of Runewood: Which we did…
Magdaline [Elven]: [REDACTED]
Beth [Elven]: [REDACTED]
Weylen Crane: “We’re here to defend the crown, not make the man under it look like an asshole with a bunch of paranoid twits under his thumb.”
Magdaline scowls in frustration at her outbursts and her switch to her native tongue.
Lucius: Arresting individuals conspiring to break the law is entirely within our duties.
As you are talking, an officer walks towards you.
Laerdir of Runewood: Had to think of the bigger picture this time.
Lucius: ‘What is with her? If she isn’t singing she is spouting off gibberish!
Officer: The first noble carriage will be arriving shortly, you may wish to cross over the checkpoint before it arrives.
Weylen Crane: “It certainly is. They weren’t conspiring. Be a better constabul. Now, come on before you find somebody new to embarass.”
Beth: Right. We should get going, everyone.
Lucius: They admitted to be conspiring to harass the nobility, were you struck on the head?
Magdaline moves across the checkpoint away from the group.
Laerdir of Runewood nods and goes to the checkpoint.
Beth: Lucius, just leave it for another time, please.
Lucius throws up his hands in frustration and moves along to the checkpoint
Weylen Crane heads to the checkpoint.

Chapter zero: Introductions
Character building

All of you have not long ago finished your training for the Royal Homeland Constabulary, and it is not long before you are all summoned by one of your Senior Officers, Chief Inspector Stover Delft. You are unaware of who you will be partnered with in your unit, but know that you will not long find out. As you approach his office, you notice each other, and Delft calls you all in.
Delft: Take a good look around you, the people in this room are the people who you will spend the rest of your time at the RHC with, you will work closely together, in service to our king, King Aodhan. I suggest that you take this time to introduce yourself to each other.
Magdaline: Pleased t’ meet you all. Should be fun times t’ be spent together. me name’s Magdaline. You can call me Mags.
Laerdir of Runewood starts glancing around at the others and looks over them nonchalantly until he looks over at Beth where his eyes go wide, and then frowns at Magdaline.
Beth: Smiles a bit as she introduces herself.
Beth: It’s nice to meet you all as well. I’m Beth.
Lucius: gives a casual nod of his head to the assembled group and says “Lucius.”
Beth: says that in a quite cheerful voice.
Laerdir of Runewood moves slowly away from the wall to nods curtly to everyone… “Laerdir of Runewood…” and leans back against the wall.
Weylen Crane: “Hello! I’m Weylen. Weylen Crane.” He waves and smiles brightly.
Magdaline leans against the wall, a jaunty smile on a face that is thick with scars around her eyes and ears. Thick scarves are swathed around her neck and arms, rounding out a white linen shirt and a sturdy pair of breeches. A longsword rides at her hip and a knife and pistol are jammed through her belt. She taps her fingers against a silvered buckle.
Delft nods
Delft: There is another in your group, who’s name is Hunter, but he is…. indisposed, and cannot join us here today, you will meet him in time.
Laerdir of Runewood has the characteristic elven ears surrounded by wild blond hair and tattoos cover his face and arms.
Magdaline: Aye. met ‘im earlier… caused a ruckus in the commons area.
Magdaline: Dont say much. seems like ’ell fit in with this bunch.
Laerdir of Runewood turns to Delft… "Why did you put us all together anyway?
Delft smiles
Beth: nods to Delft’s announcing another member. She’d have ears similar to Leradir’s, but would have deep violet, pupilless eyes of obvious Eladrin likeness. She has long, pale golden hair in a twintail style, about to her hips.
Delft: I placed you all together because I have high hopes for all of you, you all did well in training and I believe that together you can do great things for the RHC.
Delft: Do not disappoint me.
Laerdir of Runewood: As long as we start getting some assignments…
Magdaline: RIghto, boss man. Gold, riches and glory fer us all through the RHC!
Lucius: Speaking of which, why ARE we here, sir?
Delft looks at Lucius curiously
Delft: Why are you here? You are here in service of the RHC and in service of our King. King Aodhan, is there any other reason you can think of?
Lucius: Just, I didn’t sign on for the social functions, is all. When do we get to get our hands dirty?
Delft: Ah, but the social functions are important as well
Laerdir of Runewood ,while Lucius is attracting attention, looks to Magdaline again, frowning.
Delft: Your assignments will come, but you are still new to the RHC.
Weylen Crane Weylen looks from Delft to the others, peering at the back and forth.
Magdaline eyes drift to the tattooed elf, and she smiles, “Lookiin’s free, but thats all, knife ears.”
Laerdir of Runewood rolls his eyes at Magdaline before turning back to Delft and nodding.
Beth: nods quietly with a smile to Delft’s words.
Lucius: frowns as he glances over at the others
Weylen Crane: (Can’t create a char on Obsidian for some reason.)
Weylen Crane is youthful, with slate-grey eyes that stilm manage to shine with intelligence despite their dull color. His black hair is shaved on the sides and pulled back, tied into place with a leather strap. He wears a navy blue longcoat over leather armor and dark brown pants, with polished boots for patrolling the streets of Flint. The left sleeve of his coat is cut off to the middle of the forearm, with the edges singed from stray spells of his own casting.
Delft: Now then, I suggest that you all get to know each other, for that purpose I shall call you up one by one, and you will tell the others about yourself.. Say as little or as much as you want.
Delft scans the room
Delft: Hmm, as you are so… against this, why don’t you go first Lucius?
Lucius clears his throat before speaking up
Lucius: As you have already heard, name is Lucius. I’m a soldier, or was, mainly served as a scout and much of the time on my own, which suited me fine. No fools to get in my way that way. But if we’re to work as a team then try not to get in my way.
Magdaline [Elven]: [Redacted]
Lucius crosses his arms and leans against the wall without further comment.
Laerdir of Runewood raises an eyebrow at Magdaline, surprised.
Delft nods
Delft: Yes well, thank you Lucius
Delft: Now then, how about you Magdaline? Try to speak Primordial, and not even.
Magdaline: Aye… Captn?
Magdaline: Is it Captn er sir?
Delft: Sir, this is not a ship.
Magdaline: Aye then. Sir.
Magdaline: Name’s Mags. Spent most of me time aboard a ship sailing around the Archipelago with me family during the war. Come from good military stock, though me mom’s a ‘seer.
Magdaline: I work mostly in the bars ’n taverns in the dockyard, though I dont mind stretchin me lungs at the yoss-gap on occasion. Quick wit a knife and faster with me bolts. Also like the drink.
Magdaline makes a short bow to Delft and the others. “Never minded pressin the flesh, as it were.” and beams a pearly smile.
Delft: Thank you Magdaline, Beth, how about you?
Beth: nods, and clears her throat a bit…
Beth: As I’ve said, my name is Beth. Though, my full name is Bethrynna Winters. I’m from a small town near Bole, and I mostly grew up in an orphanage. I’m… Well, I’m an Eladrin, as you can tell… And I’d like to think that all of us can get along, and be rather great friends and companions.
Magdaline snorts a laugh.
Beth: She smiles a bit after finishing her introduction.
Magdaline: This one wears ‘er heart on ’er sleeve, she does.
Beth: nods.
Beth: I guess I do that a lot.
Beth: I like to think that if you’re nice and honest to others, they’ll return the same to you.
Magdaline [Elven]: [Redacted]
Beth: tilts her head, slightly confused at Mags’ calling her naive…
Magdaline winks at Beth.
Magdaline: ‘Whos next?
Delft looks at Weylen and Laedir
Delft: Weylen
Weylen Crane: "Me! So, hello, I’m Weylen. Weylen Crane. I came here after serving in the army in the last Yerasol War. I was pretty cut up after action so I was honorably discharged. "
Lucius regards Weylen for a moment before giving a slight nod of approval
Magdaline throws Weylen a salute. “Knew many ’hew didnt make it back from the Yersol.”
Magdaline is the shortcut for emotes, btw
Delft nods
Delft: You served honorably. Now then, Laerdir, it is your turn.
Laerdir of Runewood shoves off from the wall and says… “I was born in Risur, then Elfaivar, then trained with the Paladins in Sid Minos in Crisillyir and now I am back to Risur to join the RHC. I can fight and heal if needed. I’m… just trying to find a way to give people some justice in this… world.” With that, he shrugs and leans back.
Magdaline: Sounds… puffy chested.
Laerdir of Runewood crosses his arms over his chest.
Delft claps his hand together
Delft: Well then, now that you have all thoroughly introduced yourself to each other, it is time that you returned to your offices. You shall recieve your first assignment shortly, now I have quite a bit of work to do.
Magdaline: So we ‘jus go…loiter?
Lucius renders a passable salute and turns to leave
Beth: nods, and when dismissed, heads back to her office unless anyone stops her for whatever reason, be it her team stopping her to talk, or any other interruption.
Magdaline shrugs and moves off, humming beneath her breath…
Laerdir of Runewood shrugs and goes to the training yard.
Weylen Crane: Weylen beams with pride in front of his office, never having thought he’d actually have one of those.
Lucius leans back in his chair and kicks his boots up onto his office desk with a sigh
Weylen Crane: “I feel so… official.”
Lucius: Be glad to finally get some orders, I’m going to lose my mind if I have to stay cooped up around here for long.
Lucius speaks to nobody in particular, and mostly to himself.


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