Zeitgeist - The Gears of Revolution

Constable's Notebook: Magdaline Whetfield

Nilasa Hume Investigation

Status: In process

[the journal is written in a flowing elven script] Another miss in a sea of broken leads on this case, we have few answers and only come up with more questions in the process. This case has lead us throughout the district now, and we have naught but blistered heels to show for it.

Previously, we stopped off at the local police office in order to pick up a few details on the officer that was shadowing our own investigation. Oddly enough, the patrolman was not known by anyone we spoke to, nor on the records and rolls. Its likely that someone is impersonating an officer, but that much is heresay at the moment. Also related to that, the ‘shadow oil’ found at the Doctor VR’s flophouse needs to be analyzed to give a notion of what we are dealing with.

Moving on, we left the local surgeon’s office after a few questions into Dr VRs whereabouts with no leads, and determined that the next logical step was to visit Ms. Hume’s local residence and employer – a factory producing Alkhest for metallurgy. It is worth note that the factory itself was the lone pariah in the midst of a near revolution in that district, forged of a merciless ownership and a helpless working caste. While there is nothing that can be done for the moment, I wonder if perhaps I can make some points to some of the locals and see if we can shift the plight of the workers in our favor without resorting to all out violence or rioting.

The owner was gracious enough to speak with us concerning Ms. Hume and his relationship with her. It was not quite inappropriate, but nearer to an adoptive family, with Nilasa taking on the role of the unproven youth. It seems that the owner came from a family rooted in traditional Risurian values that regretted the perpetuation of the technology and the wealth of civilization that comes with it. However, he eventually saw the neutral ground in all things, and has taken on a business that allows him to participate while at the same time limiting the function of technology through the exclusivity of necessary goods.

He also stated that his uncle, a skyseer out of Cloudwood, had a cryptic vision of Nilasa’s death – and he suggested that he would have more insight into what Nilasa was doing, and might even perhaps set up a meeting between ourselves and the infamous ‘Gale’ who we have been interest in for a time now. Taking the chance, we agreed to leave immediately.
A hunch from the precocious Hunter also drew out another tale from the owner, one of a strange merchant looking to purchase a large amount of alkhest under the guise of using them for ‘nefarious purposes’. The owner refused to sell the goods, resulting in several threats to his business and body. He remained stalwart however, and noted that the men had a ‘greasy, burnt oil’ smell about them. Unfortunately he was unable to provide more crisp detail, but it does beg the question – are these men and the fake officer related?

Upon thanking the owner and leaving, our contingent arrived in the Cloudwood at the trading outpost near the skyseers home, when the sound of gunfire and the screams of terrified horses drew our attention. A carriage with several men outfitted with pistols was sliding towards a gorge and a group of men were firing arrows down on it, all while screaming about the kidnapping of a woman called ‘Morena’. Our duties to see to the peace of the nation, the contingent rushed into the thick of the fight, calling for a cease and desist, while Hunter and Laedir halted the carriage from going over the edge. The rest of the group sought the enemies in the trees and ridges, attempting to keep stray fire from tearing through our bodies until we had everything straightened out. We managed to detain several of the assailants though the leader of the band (who was subsequently the significant other of the kidnaped Morena) gutted the last assailant before he was able to be questioned. [the writing become quite darker and heavier in stroke] Which is ridiculous! I cant believe that he thinks we would be ok with the wanton murder of someone right in our midst. That the others said nothing is even more infuriating! I must learn to control my temper in the midst of such things, but it is pure, wanton idiocy at its best. Are all forest folk this… dense?

[the script returns to its flowing nature] A meeting with the skyseer is now assured and the thought that we might be introduced to Gale is promising, though I cant help but think of this as a setup. Things have been going too easily in respect to recent events, and I can feel this itch in the small of my back when thinking about this.



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