Zeitgeist - The Gears of Revolution

Chapter zero: Introductions

Character building

All of you have not long ago finished your training for the Royal Homeland Constabulary, and it is not long before you are all summoned by one of your Senior Officers, Chief Inspector Stover Delft. You are unaware of who you will be partnered with in your unit, but know that you will not long find out. As you approach his office, you notice each other, and Delft calls you all in.
Delft: Take a good look around you, the people in this room are the people who you will spend the rest of your time at the RHC with, you will work closely together, in service to our king, King Aodhan. I suggest that you take this time to introduce yourself to each other.
Magdaline: Pleased t’ meet you all. Should be fun times t’ be spent together. me name’s Magdaline. You can call me Mags.
Laerdir of Runewood starts glancing around at the others and looks over them nonchalantly until he looks over at Beth where his eyes go wide, and then frowns at Magdaline.
Beth: Smiles a bit as she introduces herself.
Beth: It’s nice to meet you all as well. I’m Beth.
Lucius: gives a casual nod of his head to the assembled group and says “Lucius.”
Beth: says that in a quite cheerful voice.
Laerdir of Runewood moves slowly away from the wall to nods curtly to everyone… “Laerdir of Runewood…” and leans back against the wall.
Weylen Crane: “Hello! I’m Weylen. Weylen Crane.” He waves and smiles brightly.
Magdaline leans against the wall, a jaunty smile on a face that is thick with scars around her eyes and ears. Thick scarves are swathed around her neck and arms, rounding out a white linen shirt and a sturdy pair of breeches. A longsword rides at her hip and a knife and pistol are jammed through her belt. She taps her fingers against a silvered buckle.
Delft nods
Delft: There is another in your group, who’s name is Hunter, but he is…. indisposed, and cannot join us here today, you will meet him in time.
Laerdir of Runewood has the characteristic elven ears surrounded by wild blond hair and tattoos cover his face and arms.
Magdaline: Aye. met ‘im earlier… caused a ruckus in the commons area.
Magdaline: Dont say much. seems like ’ell fit in with this bunch.
Laerdir of Runewood turns to Delft… "Why did you put us all together anyway?
Delft smiles
Beth: nods to Delft’s announcing another member. She’d have ears similar to Leradir’s, but would have deep violet, pupilless eyes of obvious Eladrin likeness. She has long, pale golden hair in a twintail style, about to her hips.
Delft: I placed you all together because I have high hopes for all of you, you all did well in training and I believe that together you can do great things for the RHC.
Delft: Do not disappoint me.
Laerdir of Runewood: As long as we start getting some assignments…
Magdaline: RIghto, boss man. Gold, riches and glory fer us all through the RHC!
Lucius: Speaking of which, why ARE we here, sir?
Delft looks at Lucius curiously
Delft: Why are you here? You are here in service of the RHC and in service of our King. King Aodhan, is there any other reason you can think of?
Lucius: Just, I didn’t sign on for the social functions, is all. When do we get to get our hands dirty?
Delft: Ah, but the social functions are important as well
Laerdir of Runewood ,while Lucius is attracting attention, looks to Magdaline again, frowning.
Delft: Your assignments will come, but you are still new to the RHC.
Weylen Crane Weylen looks from Delft to the others, peering at the back and forth.
Magdaline eyes drift to the tattooed elf, and she smiles, “Lookiin’s free, but thats all, knife ears.”
Laerdir of Runewood rolls his eyes at Magdaline before turning back to Delft and nodding.
Beth: nods quietly with a smile to Delft’s words.
Lucius: frowns as he glances over at the others
Weylen Crane: (Can’t create a char on Obsidian for some reason.)
Weylen Crane is youthful, with slate-grey eyes that stilm manage to shine with intelligence despite their dull color. His black hair is shaved on the sides and pulled back, tied into place with a leather strap. He wears a navy blue longcoat over leather armor and dark brown pants, with polished boots for patrolling the streets of Flint. The left sleeve of his coat is cut off to the middle of the forearm, with the edges singed from stray spells of his own casting.
Delft: Now then, I suggest that you all get to know each other, for that purpose I shall call you up one by one, and you will tell the others about yourself.. Say as little or as much as you want.
Delft scans the room
Delft: Hmm, as you are so… against this, why don’t you go first Lucius?
Lucius clears his throat before speaking up
Lucius: As you have already heard, name is Lucius. I’m a soldier, or was, mainly served as a scout and much of the time on my own, which suited me fine. No fools to get in my way that way. But if we’re to work as a team then try not to get in my way.
Magdaline [Elven]: [Redacted]
Lucius crosses his arms and leans against the wall without further comment.
Laerdir of Runewood raises an eyebrow at Magdaline, surprised.
Delft nods
Delft: Yes well, thank you Lucius
Delft: Now then, how about you Magdaline? Try to speak Primordial, and not even.
Magdaline: Aye… Captn?
Magdaline: Is it Captn er sir?
Delft: Sir, this is not a ship.
Magdaline: Aye then. Sir.
Magdaline: Name’s Mags. Spent most of me time aboard a ship sailing around the Archipelago with me family during the war. Come from good military stock, though me mom’s a ‘seer.
Magdaline: I work mostly in the bars ’n taverns in the dockyard, though I dont mind stretchin me lungs at the yoss-gap on occasion. Quick wit a knife and faster with me bolts. Also like the drink.
Magdaline makes a short bow to Delft and the others. “Never minded pressin the flesh, as it were.” and beams a pearly smile.
Delft: Thank you Magdaline, Beth, how about you?
Beth: nods, and clears her throat a bit…
Beth: As I’ve said, my name is Beth. Though, my full name is Bethrynna Winters. I’m from a small town near Bole, and I mostly grew up in an orphanage. I’m… Well, I’m an Eladrin, as you can tell… And I’d like to think that all of us can get along, and be rather great friends and companions.
Magdaline snorts a laugh.
Beth: She smiles a bit after finishing her introduction.
Magdaline: This one wears ‘er heart on ’er sleeve, she does.
Beth: nods.
Beth: I guess I do that a lot.
Beth: I like to think that if you’re nice and honest to others, they’ll return the same to you.
Magdaline [Elven]: [Redacted]
Beth: tilts her head, slightly confused at Mags’ calling her naive…
Magdaline winks at Beth.
Magdaline: ‘Whos next?
Delft looks at Weylen and Laedir
Delft: Weylen
Weylen Crane: "Me! So, hello, I’m Weylen. Weylen Crane. I came here after serving in the army in the last Yerasol War. I was pretty cut up after action so I was honorably discharged. "
Lucius regards Weylen for a moment before giving a slight nod of approval
Magdaline throws Weylen a salute. “Knew many ’hew didnt make it back from the Yersol.”
Magdaline is the shortcut for emotes, btw
Delft nods
Delft: You served honorably. Now then, Laerdir, it is your turn.
Laerdir of Runewood shoves off from the wall and says… “I was born in Risur, then Elfaivar, then trained with the Paladins in Sid Minos in Crisillyir and now I am back to Risur to join the RHC. I can fight and heal if needed. I’m… just trying to find a way to give people some justice in this… world.” With that, he shrugs and leans back.
Magdaline: Sounds… puffy chested.
Laerdir of Runewood crosses his arms over his chest.
Delft claps his hand together
Delft: Well then, now that you have all thoroughly introduced yourself to each other, it is time that you returned to your offices. You shall recieve your first assignment shortly, now I have quite a bit of work to do.
Magdaline: So we ‘jus go…loiter?
Lucius renders a passable salute and turns to leave
Beth: nods, and when dismissed, heads back to her office unless anyone stops her for whatever reason, be it her team stopping her to talk, or any other interruption.
Magdaline shrugs and moves off, humming beneath her breath…
Laerdir of Runewood shrugs and goes to the training yard.
Weylen Crane: Weylen beams with pride in front of his office, never having thought he’d actually have one of those.
Lucius leans back in his chair and kicks his boots up onto his office desk with a sigh
Weylen Crane: “I feel so… official.”
Lucius: Be glad to finally get some orders, I’m going to lose my mind if I have to stay cooped up around here for long.
Lucius speaks to nobody in particular, and mostly to himself.



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