Zeitgeist - The Gears of Revolution

Chapter two: Boarding the Coaltongue

Last time on Zeitgeist, you arrived at the docks to provide security for the official launch of the Royal Naval Ship Coaltongue. While the public where waiting to pass through the checkpoint, you scanned the crowd to find potential troublemakers, and dealt with them swiftly.
The first of the noble carriages have begun to approach the royal shipyard, and already the crowd on the bridge is doing its job: cheering, throwing flowers, and performing folk songs and dances to show their support.
Before things get too busy, your direct superior—Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft—asked you to come to a last-minute meeting to give you your marching orders. You find him chewing a bit of tobacco and eyeing a halfling chef who is carrying a tray of chocolate confections toward the docked Coaltongue.
His attention turns to you, and he smiles. “Only the finest for our king, right? “Now then,” he says, “we’re about to earn our pay. Lots of nobles about, so first, don’t make a scene, and definitely don’t talk to any of the nobility unless they address you first.
“Second, if something does go wrong, try to handle it yourselves, would you? I’m going to be busy applying my not-inconsiderable charms to very important people. The Constabulary doesn’t get by with just good will and pretty faces, you know. “And third, you did good work, so I’ve got a surprise for you.”
He grabs his cane and leads you to the gangplank of the Coaltongue. But he’s not pursuing the halfling chef. Rather, ahead of you waits Principal Minister Harkover Lee, the king’s chief advisor and personal bodyguard.
You also notice another man there, who delft casually neglected to mention before now.
Delft: Oh, hunter will be joining you now, he’s been working under my supervision.
Delft: Save the plesentries for later
Weylen Crane nods politely to the new comrade.
Magdaline nods curtly.
Hunter: But…. I didn’t have any pleasantries.
Delft waves tiredly to Minister Lee, who has just finsiehd checking the warship for magical threats.
Hunter: Or any trees for that matter.
Laerdir of Runewood raises an eyebrow.
Delft: Agents, this is the old man, Principle Minister Harkover Lee
Lucius regards Hunter for a moment before returning his attention to the chief
Minister Lee does a slight chuckle
Magdaline bows to the Minister.
Minister Lee: Good to see you Delft. I am confident that security is in order.
Beth: Bows as well.
Lucius stands at attention
Laerdir of Runewood crosses his arms.
Minister Lee: Still, I would like some representatives of the RHC aboard this evening. After the fireworks and banquet, the king is planning a major announcement. I want your constables present to be extra eyes and ears, so that I can get a guage of how people react.
Minister Lee: Plus.. there are a few recalcitrant guests who might need coralling.
After saying this, Minister Lee looks in the direction of one of the checkpoints, where a guest and her handmaiden are disembarking from a horse-drawn carriage.
Magdaline: Care to dumb that down for the common folk?
From your briefings and preperations, you easily recognise this person as the King’s sister, Duchess Ethelyn of Shale, escorted by an elven handmaiden named Sokana Rell.
Lucius: We might actually have to do our jobs properly and arrest troublemakers and not just let them go with a wag of our finger
Laerdir of Runewood raises his eyebrow in surprise at the elf.
Lucius: Dumb enough for you?
Minister Lee: Sorry, I must prepare for the king’s arrival, please excuse me. Please direct any questions you have to Delft.
Hunter: Okay… I suppose.
Minister Lee nods and heads off.
Delft: Remember what I said about bothering me.
Delft also heads off to mingle.
Hunter: …Well. Um…. Hi.
Hunter: I’m Hunter.
Hunter extends a hand of friendship to his new ‘allies’.
Laerdir of Runewood glances around the ship at the other guests.
Magdaline: Salutations, ser. Be a pleasure makin’ yer acquiantence.
Hunter: Um… You too? I guess?
Beth: “I’m Beth” she’d say with a bit of a smile, “It’s nice to meet you, Hunter.”
Hunter slowly retracts his hand as no one has shaken it.
Beth: Would have shaken it.
Hunter: Um… Okay. Well… I’m gonna go see what’s goin’ on over there.
Magdaline: So… security detail. Where should we start then? Jus meandering around the ship isnt going to cut it, I think.
Hunter turns to help with new arrivals, like the carriage that just came up.
Lucius dips his head with a curt nod and introduces himself to Hunter.
Weylen Crane smiles politely and nods. “I’m Weylen. Weylen Crane. Nice to meet you.”
Weylen Crane waves goodbye after Hunter when the man goes off.
Laerdir of Runewood turns to Magdaline… “What did you have in mind?”
Weylen Crane: “Well, one of us should get as high as they can for starters. At least, that sounds like the best idea.”
Lucius: We should station at least one of our number upon the ship itself and the rest patrol the area.
You notice however that nobody is allowed on the ship at the moment, A gangplank leads to the main deck, guarded by sailors.
Magdaline: Honestly, no idea. Like there to be lots of nobles, so wandering isnt going to cut it. Likely we should be stationed at regular places throughout the decks so we’ve got eyes on the crowd an’ at least one pair of eye on one another.
Laerdir of Runewood scratches his chin… “Maybe station some close to key persons also?”
Magdaline: As long as we aren’t obtrusive… Delfts already sai’ not to mess with the noble folk.
Laerdir of Runewood nods in agreement.
Lucius: It is troubling that our commander did not leave us with clearer instruction
As you’re talking, you notice a new arrival, the Tiefling Engineer, geoff Massarde, a few industrialists and miliary officers hang near him, asking questions about how the ship will hold up under actual combat.
Magdaline: Thats what “workin’ independantly” means.
Lucius: Yes well that is still fairly vague
Laerdir of Runewood stiffens at the sight of Geoff, but quickly relaxed.
Weylen Crane: We’re just eyes and ears. Eyes are best up high, and ears will need to be close to the crowd.
You head over to the Duchess, who notices you approaching.
Magdaline: Keep en eye on that one. Lots a crowd tensions follow ‘im
Hunter waves friendly-like.
Duchess Ethelyn: Hello, are you one of those people from the RHC? I’m Duchess Ethelyn
Hunter: Yup. I’m Hunter. Need help with anything?
Duchess Ethelyn notices the other constables.
Duchess Ethelyn: Yes, may I speak to all of you? I have a request.
Laerdir of Runewood moves closer to the Duchess while keeping an eye on the rest of the attendance.
Magdaline stiffens at the Duchess’ call, but swiftly recovers and moves to the woman’s beckon.
Beth would follow the rest of the team.
Hunter: I suppose. Depends on if we’re allowed to or not.
Lucius strides over to the duchess and greets her respectfully.
Hunter: What do you want us to do?
Magdaline bows deeply, “Yer Highness. What can we do for you?”
Duchess Ethelyn: Oh please, no need to be so formal.
Weylen Crane: “What are they…” Weylen squints in the direction of the others to see what they’ve gotten into.
Beth would bow to the duchess a bit with a friendly smile at about the same time as mags.
Duchess Ethelyn: “It is my understanding that you have some sway over the arrangements of this event. If you could do an old lady a kindness, the air here is already leaving me winded, and the company is already giving me a headache. I know my brother’s party is going to run late, so I need a room I can nap in. I’d be very grateful if you’d arrange this for me.”
Hunter: Oh. I don’t see how’d that would be a problem. I’ll see what I can do.
Lucius: Of course, your grace, it would be our pleasure to assist you.
Hunter turns to head to the docks and see if he can get the sailors to pass on the word or something.
Lucius: If you would be so kind as to wait for us to return, if it pleases you, we can go see about making the arrangements.
Lucius heads over to the sailors guarding the gangplank
As you are conversing, you notice another attendant arriving, Captain Rutger Smith, commander of the distinguished R.N.S impossible, a swift clipper ship which occasionally assiists the RHC on missions. He’s discussing philosophy and political theory with a black-bearded dwarf.
Saily: Sorry sir, no entry, not even for RHC personel.
Hunter: Hey. Any chance of you guys finding a room on board for the Duchess? She’s feeling like she’s got the flu or something.
Laerdir of Runewood stays by the countess at this time.
Weylen Crane: Weylen blinks, looking to Hunter. “That’s… a really bad idea.”
Magdaline heads over with the others to attempt to gain access to the ship and the Duchess’ rooms.
Lucius: Listen saily, the duchess isn’t feeling well and she wishes to rest upon the ship. So I suggest you let us past unless you would like to explain to the old duchess why she cannot board and rest.
Sailor: I’m sorry sir, but nobody is allowed on the ship until the Kings Arrival, not even the Kings Sister.
Sailor: I am sure a room can be found for her once everyone is allowed onboard.
Hunter: Hm. I suppose. Sorry for interruptin’ your work.
Lucius: On whose athority do you deny the king’s sister access to the ship so she may rest?
Hunter turns to return to the duchess.
Sailor: The kings himself sir
Lucius: Well then don’t you imagine the king would make an exception for his dear ailing sister.
Magdaline: Perhaps you could make an exception for the Duchess, as she needs to rest before the evenings events.
Duchess Ethelyn wonders over
Duchess Ethelyn: Oh I am terrible sorry, you thought I required a room now? No no, I would like one during the party, I am fine for now.
Laerdir of Runewood follows the Duchess.
Sailor stands to attention as the Duchess approaches.
Hunter: Sorry about that, Ma’am. I’m kinda new at this RHC stuff.
Lucius: Oh, excuse me your grace, I thought you required one at once.
Duchess Ethelyn: It is my fault dear, I should have been clearer.
Beth also followed the rest of her team.
Hunter: S’kay. Might I make a question, Ma’am?
Hunter: Who’s the lady that’s with you?
Duchess Ethelyn: This is my handmaiden, Sokana
Hunter: Howdy. I’m Hunter.
Lucius: Very well, is there anything else that we could assist you with at the moment?
Hunter extends a hand of friendship to the handmaiden.
Sokana shakes Hunters hand
Hunter smiles behind his mask.
Hunter: Thanks. About time people shake my hand. I thought everyone around here was cold or something.
Hunter: Not often we find folks like yourself. The RHC notwithstandin’ of course.
Sokana looks curiously at Hunter
Hunter: …What? Do I got somethin’ on my face?
Sokana: No sir
Magdaline begins scanning through the crowd again, taking note of Master Massarde and Captn Smith.
Duchess Ethelyn: Oh don’t mind Sokana, she doesn’t say much.
Duchess Ethelyn looks at the ship and sighs
Hunter: Sorry bout that. We’ll get you and your lady friend squared away when we’re on board. I promise.
Duchess Ethelyn: I must admit, I am rather unenthused aboiut this.. metal monstrosity, the only thing keeping it from sinking is that infernal tiefling magic.
Magdaline: Much different from the Roscommon, eh?
Duchess Ethelyn: We should remember the old ways of the skyseers and the fey, and not be tricked into thinking Danor’s industry is good for Risur just because my brother uses the word “Progress” a lot.
Weylen Crane looks around himself once more, worried that the attention of the others is focused on the lady.
Hunter: I suppose. I like the old ways myself.
Hunter: Fancy stuff just gets in the way of things.
Magdaline: My mother was a ‘seer. Im bound to those teachings, meself.
Magdaline blushes, realizing she was speaking outloud.
Duchess Ethelyn: Oh really? How marvalous.
Lucius: I am sure his majesty has only the wellfare of his kingdom and people in mind when he embraces the industry of the tieflings. Though that does not mean we necessarily need to put aside the old ways.
Magdaline: Tis nothing, yer grace. Jus’ how I was raised is all.
Before the conversation can go on any longer however, horns begin to blare, signalling the arrival of the king.
Hunter: Oh. I guess someone important’s here?
Hunter: Either that or we’re being attacked. Not sure.
Laerdir of Runewood turns to attention towards the dock’s entrance.
Duchess Ethelyn: My brother is here, please excuse me.
Magdaline: Aye. The King
Lucius: Eyes sharp and ears open.
Weylen Crane: Well, an enemy is important, if you think about it.
With great pomp and grandeur, trumpeters announce the arrival of the king’s carriage. Elite guards line the thoroughfare and open the door, and first the city governor Roland Stanfield, then King Aodhan himself emerge.
Weylen Crane nods to Hunter, before backing up to get into position.
The king offers a one-sided smile to the crowd and is greeted by his Principle Minister and his sister. Children, gathered in advance by royal aids, cheer and sing the traditioinal crown anthem as the group makes its way to the docks.
Lucius moves to get closer to the carriage
Magdaline hums the tune under her breath.
Laerdir of Runewood stands to the side next to the gangplank.
Hunter: A bunch of fancy stuff for one guy. I guess people really like him or something…
The ceremony goes without a hitch. The king takes a champagne bottle, announces that the ship shall be formally known as the Royal Naval Ship Coaltongue, then smashes the bottle across the bow. At that precise moment a steam whistle sounds, and black smoke begins to roil out of the ship’s stacks.
After this, the king boards, and the crowd begins to board as well.
Hunter: ….Why’d he hit that ship?
Magdaline coughs. “Blech. Reminders me of the Yerasol…”
Hunter: And with a bottle?
Weylen Crane: It’s called a christening. I’ll show you some books sometime.
Hunter: Nah. Books are not my thing.
Lucius boards the ship and looks for a place for the duchess to rest.
Weylen Crane: Well, you can eat it or something and I’ll explain.
Hunter: Hm. Well, time to get on board. Finally!
Laerdir of Runewood grins at Weylen as he makes his way on the ship, staying by the gangplank and looking over the boarders.
Hunter boards along with the RHC party, and begins to find a decent room for two ladys of noble-ness.
Magdaline remains on deck while the other acquire accomodations
You manage to find a good place for the duchess to rest.
Beth Remains with mags for now, unsure of what else to do.
Lucius helps get the duchess settled then returns to his regular duty.
Lucius informs the duchess about the lodgings that were located for her then returns to his regular duties
Once everyone is aboard and enjoying light refreshments on the main deck, it sweeps toward the center of the harbor, where eight traditional fourmasted ships enter formation ith it. Against their white sails, the black clouds from the Coaltongue’s smokestacks makes for a dramatic image, and though you catch the duchess glowering at the sight, you can also see crowds along the shore cheering as the small fleet sets a course out of the harbor, toward open sea.
Lucius patrols the deck of the ship keeping a suspicious eye on the people gathered upon it.
Beth looks around from where she and mags are, still not sure what to do…
Hunter returns to the festivities after writing a nice letter to the other pretty ladies.
Hunter: Right. What’d I miss?
A sailor greets you all
Beth: Not much so far that I can tell…
You recognise that it’s the same sailor you met earlier
Sailor: Hello again, now that you’re onboard I have been asked to give you all a guided tour of the ship.
Weylen Crane: Oh, that’d be nice.
Laerdir of Runewood nods… “Who asked?”
Lucius returns to the group when he spots the sailor adressing them
Beth nods, “Yes, that sounds like a good idea.” she says with a smile.
Hunter: Probably Mr. Delft. He’s nosy like that.
Lucius raises a brow and frowns at Hunter.
Sailor motions for you to follow him
Beth would follow the sailor.
Hunter tilts his head curiously at Lucius. “What? Do I have something on my face? This is part of the reason I wear this mask…”
The R.N.S. Coaltongue has a wooden hull sheathed with 5-inch thick iron armor plating, engraved with subtle magical icons of defense and power. Measuring 220 ft. long with a beam of 45 ft. and a draft of 20 ft., the warship has three lower decks and a two-story command bridge amidships the maindeck. The steam engine, powered by heating a boiler with burning firegems, gives the vessel a top speed of 15 knots (roughly 17 miles per hour).
Hunter tries to brush whatever he thinks might be on his face away.
Twelve cannons line each side of the gundeck, which is capped on the fore by the ship’s mage’s quarters, and on the aft by observation rooms. Both of these rooms can be converted to firing platforms when in pursuit or flight.
Below that is the berth deck, capped by the ship’s magazine at the fore and sickbay at the aft. Finally, the bottom deck contains the engine, fuel bins, and various cargo.
The bridge’s main level contains quarters for captain and officers, while the second story command deck has speaking tubes to various sections of the ship, and is where the captain must stand to direct the Brand.
All the lower decks have sections of grated floor panels to help circulate air. Characters easily have line of sight, but not necessarily line of effect, through this grating.
On the Coaltongue’s maindeck sits an elaborate glass frame, reinforced by magic to be as strong as steel, and shaped in a half-cylinder to resemble the boiler of a train locomotive. While its design is partially aesthetic, intended to evoke the power of Risur’s new industry, this innovative structure is Risur’s greatest trump card against Danoran warships: a magical capacitor.
Excess energy from the steam engine is stored in thin metallic etchings within the structure. Even while storing its full power, the interior of the capacitor is perfectly safe to walk through, and its expansive windows let it serve as venue for ceremonies and celebrations. But the primary purpose of the capacitor is to power attack spells of the ship’s warmages, and to charge the Brand.
The Brand—so named because it burns an image into any surface it strikes—fires a massive blast of pyromantic energy from the ship’s figurehead, often enough to outright destroy a smaller vessel and cripple a larger one. Its range is limited to about a hundred feet, and after firing it takes hours to recharge the capacitor, but combined with the Coaltongue’s speed and maneuverability, the Brand should deter attacks by Danor’s navy.
The gunports, windows, and main deck are all ringed by a thin inlay of gold wire. As detailed in the Player’s Guide, this prevents teleportation across the barrier.
Weylen Crane is completely fascinated by the tour, able to appreciate the craftsmanship placed in the arcane bits.
Beth Is also quite fascinated by the tour.
Hunter is not. He is hungry.
After the tour you are returned back to the main deck
Magdaline: Its hard to like something built like this, after years of fightin them.
Hunter: What… machine ships?
Hunter: You’d need a big sword to fight one of these things, I’d wager. Or maybe a big explodey bomb.
Magdaline: Yes. Danorian made steam ships… sunk a few of them. Mostly we just set them on fire.
Laerdir of Runewood moves below deck.
Magdaline: Damned near everything burns if ya get it hot enough.. Thats the premise behind that big glass tunnel ’ o’ fun up there.
Hunter: That’s the explodey ‘Brand’, right? Or is that something else?
Magdaline: Thats it
Magdaline: Brand… blech. Horrid name.
Hunter grumbles. “Still think they should stick with a big sword. Or a giant arrow…”
Magdaline: Shoulda been “Aodan’s knickers” or something else interestin’.
Hunter: So… There’s food at these parties, right? I’m gonna get some.
Weylen Crane: Part of a weapon like this is to put fear in the enemy. A giant sword just makes everybody who isn’t near it lau-
Weylen Crane: Oh, I guess there is food. Hrm.
Magdaline: There’s a foo cart ‘round ere somewhere.
Magdaline kills time by watching the crowd.
Righty, time skipping
Laerdir of Runewood comes back to the deck and joins the others… “The Duchess is in her room and does not seem to want a guard at her door.”
Hunter: Oh. Did they get my letter?
Hunter: I mean— Did they get a letter?
Magdaline: Ol’ ladys dont like creepers, knife-ears.
Hunter: Not that I would write the handmaiden a letter or anything.
Lucius: You know how to write?
Laerdir of Runewood shakes his head at the Hunter… “It did not come up.”
Hunter: Of course! I got really good from all the applications I sent to the War Colleges around here.
Hunter: …None of ‘em really sent anything back, though.
Laerdir of Runewood frowns at Magdaline and bumps into her as he moves to move into the crowd.
Lucius: Maybe not as good as you thought then!
Hunter: A return what?
Magdaline harumphs audibly as the elf bumps her.
It is near nine o’clock, the Coaltongue sits anchored just within sight of shore, surrounded by its eight-ship escort. The starry blanket of night hovers overhead, and a quarter moon peeks above the eastern horizon. The crew have set up an outdoor kitchen on the aft maindeck, and are using the interior of the capacitor as a banquet room. The ceiling occasionally flickers with silver arcs of magical energy, which the crowd delights in.
A whistle from the bridge sets off motion as nearly the entire crew starts to line up around the outer deck, carrying horns, drums and woodwinds.
Magdaline mumbles, “Real lightnin’s much better.” while wringing her hands.
Weylen Crane: I… can’t help but feel it would make the King’s Guard uneasy.
Hunter stares up at the sky while chowing down on a chicken leg.
Lucius marvels at the arcs of energy that flicker through the structure of the capacitor
The king and his Principle Minister move for the front end of the capacitor/banquet hall, and you overhear the king complaining about indigestion.
Magdaline smirks as tiny sparks dance around her fingers. “Prolly.”
“One of the local archfey is upset I parked my ship here,” he guesses, laughing it off. “One of the burdens of kingship; the fey can really let me know when they’ve got an opinion. I always get burps that taste like fish when I sail these days.”
Hunter: Huh. Archfey can do that?
Magdaline: Thats… oddly specific.
Hunter secretly wonders if all of his illnesses were simply archfey making his life hell.
Stover delft detaches himself from a trio of military veterans arguin about small-unit tactics and comes over to join you.
Delft motions for you all to gather round.
Laerdir of Runewood nods to Delft and comes closer.
Hunter: Mr. Delft. Can Archfey give you the sniffles?
Delft sighs
Lucius approaches when beckoned and salutes Delft
Beth Would gather around with the rest of the team.
Delft: I don’t know hunter, but I didn’t come here to talk about.. archfey and sniffles.
Magdaline: Yes’ser
Delft: You may have noticed the Duchess has gone, I believe you arranged a room for her to nap? Well she hasn’t gotten back yet from the nap, and it’s been over an hour. The kings speech will likely begin soon, so would you mind going to the observation room at the aft of the gundeck and check in on her? Make sure she’s not trying to emarrass the king by hiding during his big speech.
Hunter draws his blade in gusto.
Magdaline: All of us, ser? Seems like a bit much.
Lucius: Why would her grace ever want to do such a thing?
Delft: There is no need for your blade
Hunter: …..But…. okay…
Delft: And why would a sister not want to embarrass their brother? Royalty are not exempt from that particular rule.
Laerdir of Runewood shakes his head at Hunter and leads the way to the Duchess’ room.
Lucius: I…suppose. I never had a sister.
Hunter sighs and puts away his weapon.
Hunter: Right. I’m on it.
Hunter heads over to talk to the Duchess and the handmaiden.
Weylen Crane turns to the others for damage control, when Hunter yells and draws a sword. “It’s fine! He does this. He’s very excited about many things.”
Weylen Crane then follows the others to check on said Duchess.
Lucius also goes to the duchess
Hunter knocks on the door of the Duchess’s room
Hunter: Hello? Is everything alright?
Lucius: I find this ship to be oddly relaxing
Hunter: If this is about the letter, I didn’t mean to upset anyone.
Hunter: …Hello?
Hunter knocks again, louder this time.
The door is locked, and you can hear Sokana through the door
Sokana: The duchess is asleep
Lucius: Terribly sorry to disturb her grace, but her presence is required by her brother, the king, for the ceremony.
Hunter: Miss Sokana, can you wake her?
Hunter: And also, did you get a letter by any chance? Not that I would know about a letter or anything.
You hear scuffle noises coming from inside the room, then you hear a slight “splash”
Hunter: ….Hello?
Hunter: Miss Sokana, please stand back!
Hunter draws his blade and prepares for damages!
Lucius gets some tools from his pack and looks to the lock
Lucius: Wait…
Weylen Crane draws his sword, which is covered in now-shimmering arcane runes.
Lucius: I can get this door open without damaging the kings property!
Laerdir of Runewood runs to the closer window to peer outside.
Beth: …A one.
As you try and bust down the door, you are attacked from the shadows, but you notice your attacker!
Laerdir of Runewood yells out… “The Duchess is in the water!!!”
Laerdir of Runewood points outside the window.
Laerdir of Runewood: On some massive submerged sea creature… and… oh she’s going underwater!
You do not see her struggle, it looks as she is willingly going underwater.
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5]
[TURN] Ilton, Halfling Assassin
Attack 21 → [at Hunter] [DEF EFFECTS ] [HIT]
The hafling digs at hunter with his sword, knocking hunter prone.
Hunter: Ow.
Effect [‘Prone [EXPIRES]’] → [to Hunter] [by Ilton, Halfling Assassin]
Ilton, Halfling Assassin pounces onto Hunters chest
Hunter: …Excuse me sir. Could you get off me, please?
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5]
Magdaline disappears abriefly and then unleashes a roaring bolt of lightning at the attacker.
Attack 23 → [at Ilton, Halfling Assassin] [HIT]
Effect [‘Prone [EXPIRES]’] → [to Ilton, Halfling Assassin] [by Magdaline]
Effect [‘Slowed’] → [to Ilton, Halfling Assassin] [by Magdaline]
[TURN] Fire Sprites 1
[TURN] Laerdir of Runewood
Hunter: Sir?… You’re bleeding on me.
Laerdir of Runewood runs off for the stairs.
[TURN] Hunter – [Defender Aura; AC: 2 | Prone [EXPIRES]]
Attack 9 → [at Hunter] [DEF EFFECTS ] [MISS]
GM: Oh wait, no you can’t crawl and stand up
GM: Unless you turn your standard into a movement
The hafling flops onto his backside as hunter crawls away
Hunter rolls over to the side and rolls again, this time swinging his sword to the halfling!
Attack 28 → [at Ilton, Halfling Assassin] [CRITICAL HIT]
GM: wow
GM: The first of no doubt many crits
Hunter: [DAMAGE (M)] Jarring Smash [FOCUS 1,1D] [FOCUS CRIT ] [CRITICAL] [MAX] [1g10 = 14]
GM: Oh speaking of crits, everyone happy to make it so if you crit and kill them.. they’re dead? No non-lethal, I can’t imagine a crit being a non-lethal blow
GM: Exactly
[TURN] Weylen Crane
Hunter cleaves the halfling in two.
Hunter: …Oh. Ohhhhh boy.
Hunter: He…. rolled into it.
Weylen Crane: She went overboard, right?
Lucius: Good work Hunter, now we can’t interrogate him
The halfling is literally cleaved in two from Hunters blow
Hunter: There’s still the handmaiden! Go get her!
Beth: Actually, we can still interrogate him.
[TURN] Sokana, Eladrin Warlock
You hear the door unlock, and see Sokana standing behind it.
Sokana vanishes and reappears nearby
Sokana creates a whirlwind gale around herside, pulling Mag and Beth in, then she vanishes into a vortex
Attack 24 → [at Beth] [HIT]
Attack 23 → [at Magdaline] [HIT]
Effect [‘Immobilized’] → [to Magdaline] [by Sokana, Eladrin Warlock]
Effect [‘Immobilized’] → [to Beth] [by Sokana, Eladrin Warlock]
Hunter: I take it you’re upset about the letter….?
Lucius: What did you write?
Hunter: Nothing much! Just that I hope she doesn’t mind having me as a friend… Apparantly she does…..
Sokana points with her wand, and fire sprites are conjured up
Hunter: Man, I was getting good vibes from her too…
[TURN] Lucius
Lucius whips out his musket and levels it at Sokana
GM: Yeah you can if you want
GM: Draw is minor I believe
Attack 12 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
Lucius fires his musket letting out a large plume of heated gasses and smoke but misses his mark
GM: Oh, something I should mention, I will be making use of full cover rules, so that includes enemies covering each other
[TURN] Beth – [Immobilized]
Lucius: Surrender and we will treat you fairly!
Sokana says nothing
By the way, the band upstairs is now playing, so nobody in the main deck can hear your combat.
Attack 5 → [at Fire Sprites 1] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
[TURN] Magdaline – [RESIST: Lightning 5 | RESIST: Thunder 5 | Immobilized]
Attack 21 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [HIT]
Attack 10 → [at Magdaline] [MISS]
Magdaline: [DAMAGE #2®] Lightning Strike [TYPE: lightning] 9
The sprite tries to leap on you but fails
Magdaline hurlls a lightning bolt at the warlock, which leaps back and fries the imp in her direct vicinity. “Cleave ’er to the brisket, boyos!”
[TURN] Fire Sprites 2
Attack 25 → [at Weylen Crane] [HIT]
Fire Sprites 2: [DAMAGE (M)] Scribbling Claws [TYPE: fire] 4
Effect [‘Grabbed [EXPIRES]’] → [to Weylen Crane] [by Fire Sprites 2]
Hunter: I don’t know what that means, but I guess?
Fire Sprites 2 leaps onto Weylen, clawing at him as it flails around, making it harder for him to move.
[TURN] Fire Sprites 3
Attack 20 → [at Laerdir of Runewood] [HIT]
Fire Sprites 3: [DAMAGE (M)] Scribbling Claws [TYPE: fire] 4
Effect [‘Grabbed [EXPIRES]’] → [to Laerdir of Runewood] [by Fire Sprites 3]
Fire Sprites 3 leaps onto Laerdir
[TURN] Laerdir of Runewood – [Grabbed [EXPIRES]]
Laerdir of Runewood frees his spear quickly in a spinning motion and comes down to strike the imp before him.
Attack 21 → [at Fire Sprites 3] [HIT]
GM: Grabbed means you cant move till you escape the grab
Effect [‘Marked’] → [to Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [by Laerdir of Runewood]
GM: Means you get to hurt her if she attacks anyone other then you :P
Effect [‘Marked’] → [EXPIRED] [on Sokana, Eladrin Warlock]
[TURN] Hunter – [Defender Aura; AC: 2 | Prone [EXPIRES]]
Hunter charges at Sokana, greatsword overhead!
Attack 11 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
Hunter quickly swaps weapons to a small dagger, and lashes at the elf…..
Attack 16 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
GM: You fail in your attempt to.. declothe her
Hunter deftly swaps to his favored greatsword
Attack 13 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
[TURN] Weylen Crane – [Grabbed [EXPIRES]]
Attack 26 → [at Fire Sprites 2] [HIT]
Weylen Crane runs a finger across the runes on his sword, channeling biting cold across the blade before slashing at the imp.
[TURN] Sokana, Eladrin Warlock
Magdaline: Are ye daft, focus on th’wench!
Hunter: Um…. Wow, you’re quick.
Hunter: It’s not at all like I’m holding back or anything, either.
Sokana turns to hunter and uses her thin weapon to try and buffet him with wind.
Attack 18 → [at Hunter] [DEF EFFECTS ] [MISS]
Weylen Crane: A little busy!
Sokana turns around and climbs down the ladder behind her
Laerdir of Runewood: [DAMAGE ©] Divine Challenge [TYPE: radiant] 5
Damage 5 → [to Sokana, Eladrin Warlock]
Attack 9 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [AUTOMATIC MISS]
You see Sokana conjure more fire sprites on the below deck
Effect [‘Immobilized’] → [EXPIRED] [on Magdaline]
Effect [‘Immobilized’] → [EXPIRED] [on Beth]
[TURN] Lucius
Lucius moves in pursuit
Lucius whips out his pistol and fires
Attack 12 → [at Sokana, Eladrin Warlock] [MISS]
Lucius climbs back to where he came from
[TURN] Beth
Beth: [HEAL] Rune of Mending (Hybrid) [COST 1] [HSV 1] 0
Heal 6[HS-1] → [to Beth]
Attack 17 → [at Fire Sprites 4] [HIT]



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